Friday, January 29, 2010


Smalltown, VA is in for another snow storm and I can't say I'm sorry :)

A weekend snowed in at my house with a fire in the fireplace, a kitchen full of food, a full wine cellar and a fluffy little white puppy who loves to cuddle sounds pretty good to me!

They are calling for MORE than the last time.  Egads!  So glad I made it to the grocery store already!

Now, just waiting for the first one of these to fall:

And then we can commence building one of these:

Happy weekend!  Stay warm...


Thursday, January 28, 2010


I'm pretty sure exclamating isn't a word.  I used it today though, and I liked it :)

I said to MK (about this girl who sent me a text):

"She's always exclamating after everything, and I can't ever tell if she's really excited or not". 

I think the correct word would be "exclaiming".  But....I like making up words.  It's not like I try to.  They just come out sometimes.  And I like them.  So.  I use them.  Bunches. 

Kindove like kindove.  Yes, I realize it isn't a word.  TEN pointed that out to me when we first started dating.  The gchat convo went a little something like this:

TEN:  you do realize kindove isn't a word, right?
T:  Hmmm...what?
TEN:  kindove is NOT a word
T:  sure it is
TEN:  nope
T:  do you realize what I'm saying when I write it?
TEN:  yes
T:  then it's a word
TEN:  incorrect.  it is kind of
T:  whatever

Later that night he sent me a text that said:

"Just so you know. I'm kindove starting to like you." 

And  I knew what he meant :)

So, back to exclamating.  I like.  And I may use it....right here on my blog.  You are okay with that, aren't you?


$20 Starbucks Giveaway Winner!!!

Well, it turns out that Louis is a bit too smart to play "pick a winner while searching for your treat".

He rescued the treat (5 times!!!) without pulling out a winner.

So, I closed my eyes and picked the winner myself. 

AND THEN...Louis promptly tried to eat the winning piece of paper.  Go figure:)

Alrighty then...without further adieu, congratulations to:

Jenny, send me an e-mail at desperatelyseekingseersucker{at}gmail with your mailing address and I will drop your gift cards in the mail!!

Thank you to everyone for entering.  This was really fun.  Hmmmm...let's see...what can I giveaway next?


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Come Here A Minute An Do This....K?

Quick little request from me to you!

A good friend is trying to finish her Masters Thesis. She's ALMOST done, and just needs a bit of assistance from us.

She's got to collect some data. Would you mind answering a QUICK survey to help her? It's about planning events. Work events OR personal events.

Use e-vite? She could use your help.

Plan a birthday party for friends at the bar? She could use your help!

Thanks so much guys!!! Just go right here to help:


The 3/50 Project (and this is my 300th post...WHAT? WHAT?)

This is my 300th post since I started this blog on February 4, 2009.  Gosh, it's almost been a year too!!!  I sound like such an old fuddy duddy, I know, but I can't believe how quickly time flies......

I'm going to use this, my 300th post, to talk about something I am passionate about.  I mean really, truly, passionate about.  It has to do with keeping our economy alive.  It has to do with supporting local retailers.  It has to do with why I purchased my B&W Ball gown at a local shop, rather than in DC.....

The 3/50 Project.  Are you familiar with it?  I'm sure many of you are.  I wasn't until I was at a local shop and saw the poster hanging on their wall.  I inquired as to what it was all about, and was given a small flyer.  I read up on the idea, and I really like it! 

Here's the can still go to Wal-Mart (vom), or Walgreens, or whatever chain retailers you utilize to keep YOURSELF afloat in this economy.  Because let's face it.  They ARE cheaper (for the most part) than local shops.


What if you kept shopping at your chain retailers AND made:

ONE purchases a month from THREE local retailers.  Spend FIFTY dollars in each shop, and there you have it.  It's that simple. 

For more information, specifics, etc....please visit the Project 3/50 website HERE

Did you notice my Project 3/50 button?  It's on my sidebar.  If you would like one too, simply go to:

Under member badge there are HTML codes for blogs!

Happy shopping friends.  Remember, keep it local :)



I've tried a million times to express my thoughts on why this is a terrible idea. I've tried to explain it to my undecided friends. I've tried to explain it to my liberal friends. I've tried to explain that it isn't that I don't want everyone to have health care. I've tried to explain that it isn't just what it will take away from me that makes it a terrible idea.

But they can't get it. They can't see beyond the neon lights flashing:

"Free, Cheap, Whatever...HEALTH CARE FOR ALL!!!"

Accidentally Me from A Funny Thing Happened on the Way Home dedicated today's post to explaining why she thinks this is all a terrible idea. If you have a moment, please visit her blog to give this post a read. Even if you don't agree. Just read what she has to say. Take a moment to exercise your freedom to examine all sides of the story before finalizing your opinion.


The Help

I finished reading The Help

It took me forever to find some time to read it, and once I finally did.  Egads!!! I read the entire book in two nights.  Well, I read about 3/4 of it the first night and the rest the second night.  Louis was not allowed on the couch to distract me and TEN was off doing some work boring dinner nonsense whatever.  I had the house to myself for TWO nights in a row and it was glorious :)

I really liked the book.  Scratch that.  Looooooved the book.

I know there are always two sides to every story.  As someone who was raised in THE SOUTH, and is white, and was privileged.......I'm probably not the most unbiased person here. 

I will say that I know people who treated their "help" the way many ladies did in this book.  Both the good and the bad.  I will say that the bad angered me, even as a small child.  I try not to judge, because I wasn't even alive when this book "took place".  If I had been, would I have had the foresight to realize that "the help" were people too?  That they deserved respect and consideration?  OR...would I have just ordered them around and taken them for granted?  I will never be able to answer that question, but I know what I hope I would have done :)

FINAL THOUGHTS:   A must read!!!


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

If You Try to Double Dribble THIS GIRL You Just Wait And See What Happens!

You all know I've been out of the "dating game" for a while now. 

When I first started this blog I was living the dating game.  I found some blogs written by other single girls going through the same thing I was, and read them daily.  These girls were right where I was.  Looking for Mr. Right.  Most of them, like me, were on  Some....eHarmony.  Regardless, we were all doing exactly the same thing. 

We commented on each other's blogs constantly.  We snarked about the jerks we went out with.  We laughed at the bizarre ones.  And we smiled, and jumped up and down in our seats, when one of us found someone that we thought could really make us happy. 

One of my favorite bloggers is high heel gal from The High-Heel Diaries

She and I both stumbled across "potentials" at about the same time.  She called hers "twenty".  Pretty funny that I ended up calling mine  "TEN". 

twenty didn't turn out to be Mr. Right.  He, obviously, is an idiot.  So, now high heel gal is trying to figure it all out.  She's determined that she is going to take away from this experience some deeper knowledge of relationships.  I've learned a whole heck of a lot from her in the last month or so.  She has a way with words. She has a way of making things make sense.  And...she has a way of making you laugh. 

high heel gal has written some remarkable and insightful posts on her new blog that I highly recommend you read.  Even if you aren't single, it never hurts to evaluate your relationship.  To figure out where you relationship fits in.  Are you with a lifer?  Have you been Double Dribbled?  Hmmmm......

Visit The High Heel Diaries to find out!

Keep blogging HHG!  I look forwarding to reading every single post :)


Monday, January 25, 2010

The Black & White Ball of 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's over.


I miss it already :(

It is THE biggest event of the year in Smalltown, VA (for me anyway), and I so look forward to getting my dress and my shoes and my jewels and figuring out may hair...and so on. And then. It's over.

As I've said before, this year's dress was my absolute favorite yet.  I just adored it.  So, without further adieu:

(TEN & I before the ball)

(the girls)

(TEN dipping me on the dance floor!) are some pictures SANS "white box"!  Of course, we are still wearing masks :-o

(me outside of the ball)

(TEN and I inside the ball.  why didn't i put down that stupid beer?!??!!)

And, in closing....because he was a real trooper and spent lots of time in the crate on Saturday night, and because he slept with me last week when I couldn't fall asleep, and I kept him awake, and basically just because he is my favorite Westie ever....

A sweet picture TEN took of Louis on Friday:

I hope your weekend was WONDERFUL too!!! 

I'll keep you posted on the flood :)



Smalltown, VA is having quite the excitement today.  Flash Flood warnings everywhere.  Egads!  Whatever shall we do???

I don't mean to make light of it, but we have these warnings almost every time it rains.  My sump pump is working overtime, and all is well at Seersucker Central :)

Now, lets move on to more exciting matters...shall we?

First, let me say thank you and welcome to all of my new followers!!  I have to give MK props.  I never thought this Starbucks giveaway would really be something people would like.  I guess because I'm not a Starbucks OR a coffee fan.  So glad you guys are interested though.  I can't stand to waste a gift card!

Don't forget....the final deadline for entries is:

Wednesday, January 27, 2010 at 5pm EST

MK and I have decided that Louis will pick the winner.  I will write each entry on a piece of paper.  Then, I will fold them and put them into a large, wide mouth bowl.  Louis will have a bit of water to quench his thirst (and wet his moustache), and then a treat will be thrown into the bowl.  Whichever entry he comes up with attached to his moustache will be the winner!

I will photograph/video the process to assure everything is completely legit! 


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Does This Constitute a Giveaway???

MK suggested I just tell my story, and then call it a day.  Or, a giveaway.

So here goes. 

I don't drink coffee.  Not ever.  I do, however like hot chocolate.  But, I rarely drink that either. 

Therein lies the paradox.  (any Prep readers out there?  gotta love when one can throw this statement in to sound smart, but end up looking dumb).

I digress....

I don't drink coffee.  Or eat muffins.  I don't make a big deal out of it.  I just don't do it. 

So, ultimately, everyone gives me Starbucks cards.  As in gift cards.  As in a lovely thought that will never be used on my end.

I just logged in to see the full value of my FOUR Starbucks gift cards (one of which is somewhere in the neighborhood of like 12 years old). 

Sum total = $26.37

Waste not, want not Mother Seersucker always says.  So, I'm going to give YOU $20.00 in Starbucks gift cards (3 separate cards - $5, $5 & $10).  I will keep the $6.37 gift card for myself just in case I get a flat tire in front of a Starbucks one day and feel like having a hot chocolate. 

Well then.  Isn't this exciting?  Would you, dear reader, enjoy $20 in Starbucks?  MK says she definitely would and therefore I should post this little giveaway.  If I were her I would have told me this would be a stupid giveaway and just taken the cards myself.  But MK doesn't think that way :) 

Now, let's think of the rules here...

If you leave me a note that you want to gobble up $20 in Starbucks I will enter you ONCE.

If you are a follower (and do the above) I will enter you TWICE.

If you post a little tidbit on your blog about your hope to gobble up some Starbucks (and do all three of these) I will enter you THREE times.

All entries should be received by Wednesday, January 27, 2010 at 5pm EST.

Hmmm...that seems adequately complicated I think.

Alrighty then.....drink up!


All Tuckered Out

Excellent news!  Louis did beautifully yesterday at doggie day care.  With the tea cup puppies, of course, but whatever.  He's still really small and I don't want him getting trampled anyway.

When I arrived they said "He is such a dear!"  "Isn't he so snuggly!"  "We love him!"

Now, i'm sure they have to say this to everyone, but I choose to believe they love him especially :)

I walked back and saw Louis in his playgroup and was such a proud mommy!!  He was jumping around and playing with all of the little pups, and I don't think I've ever seen him so happy.  So happy that when I tried to drag him out of the door he kept trying to go back inside.  Sigh.  Oh well.

Last night Daisy came over and we tried to figure out how to do our hair for the big ball this Saturday night.  We watched countless YouTube videos (omg...hysterical/awful/tacky) about how to do a simple up-do, and we finally just made up hair do's ourselves.  Whatever.  We will look fabulous....(i hope).

After Daisy left, TEN and I snuggled up on the couch because we were both exhausted.  Louis was rather quiet, and I looked down to see if he was in his bed. 

Poor thing.  He was.  Well, kindove....

He was so sleepy he had fallen a bit out of his bed, but didn't have the energy to scoot himself back in :(  Not to mention that earlier he almost fell asleep while trying to have his supper. 

This doggie day care thing is awesome.

I took him back again today :)


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm a WINNER!!!!!!!

I've probably entered....oh I don't know....maybe like...hmmmm....200 of these online giveaways.

I've won ZERO times.

Until now.

Thanks so much to Bethany at Maryland Pink and Green for hosting the Preppy Plates giveaway!  I've won, and I cannot wait to speak with Elizabeth at Crocodile Kids to select the plate I want :)

I have seriously lusted over these plates since I started blogging.  And I've got this plan of how I want to have/use them.  I want a set of 8.  But I want them to all have a different pattern.  BUT...I want them to all be monogrammed. 

So, thanks to Bethany and Elizabeth I will be starting off my set with the following plate:

Bouncing Up & Down,


A Late Christmas Wish - UPDATE!

It's lunchtime, and I'm "lurking".  Checking out potential new blog reads.  You know what I'm talking about.

And I find this blog.  And at first I'm impressed because it has OVER 2,000 followers!  Hmmm...worth a read.  So, I read the most recent post.  And do you know what?  It's about Brandy.  Do you remember Brandy and the love of her life (Hot Awesome Dude)?  If not, that's okay.  You can read my post HERE.  So then...I find Brandy's blog.  You can find it HERE ----> It's Like, I'm mmmagic!

Anyway, the bad news is that he DOES have Multiple Myeloma.  The good news is that Brandy is a blogger.  And YOU know how WE bloggers support each other :) 

So, this blog I've come across is called Clever Girl Goes Blog.  She's obviously huge, and a blog friend of Brandy's.  Her post talks about how we as bloggers can spread the word.  How we don't have to just read Brandy's story and wish we could help them somehow.  We can help them! 

Now, I know that there are many terrible things going on in the world today.  I know that most of us have been inspired to give money to Haiti. Lord knows I did.  How could I not?  What a tragedy/horrific natural disaster.   Many of us give to the American Cancer Society, because who of us hasn't had their life touched by cancer?  I know I have.

But this Multiple Myeloma.  What the heck is it specifically?  Do lots of people have it?  Why should I help support THIS cure over some other cure?  You don't have to.  It's okay.  Really.  No one is going to smack your hand or shun you if you don't.  But you know what?  I donated.  I donated because if I found out there was something wrong with TEN I would come right to my computer, open up a new post, and ask for your prayers.  Just like Brandy has.  Because I believe in prayer.  And I believe in miracles.  And I can't for the life of me figure out why this girl's story is breaking my heart.  And scaring me.  Other than the fact that I too am a blogger, and I have a Hot Awesome Dude in my life.

So, if you want to make a donation, go HERE.

If you don't want to make a donation, please say a prayer for a really cool blogger, and a Hot Awesome Dude who are having a really tough time right now.



I've Raised a Wuss :(

I kept trying to explain to Louis what an exciting day today was going to be. He wasn't impressed.

T: Sweetheart...guess what Wednesday is? It's your first day at doggie day care. Aren't you excited?
LW: (gobble, gobble...tasty treat. sniffing for more treats. looking at me as if to say "more please")
T: Louis, you will meet lots of pups your size today, and they will love you, and you won't get tramped on OR bitten. Aren't you excited?
LW: (yawn. chases tail. bounces up and down. lays down on my foot.)

So, I load him up into his booster seat and head to doggie day care. When I arrive there are two men waiting for us. It's Louis' trial day, of course. They are expecting him:)

We chat briefly, and I need to fill out some paperwork. One of the men takes Louis' lead and tells me to say goodbye for the day. I obey.

The man comes back. Apparently Louis got scared when they put him in the 15-20 lb play group (he's only 12.5 lbs you know!).

man: So, errrr, that what you call him all the time?
T: Well yes. That and LW.
man: Why LW?
T: Because his middle name is Wellington :)
man: Oh. Well then. Louis Wellington is a little scared of dogs his size, so he's going to be in the tea cup play group today.

If I had a tail, I dare say it would have been tucked between my legs as I left. Poor little guy. I've given him a sissy name, and now the other pups are going to pick on him. TEN was right. He said not to give Louis a bath before his first day. He said all the other pups would make fun of him for having a fresh bath, and no one would like him, and he would be the spoiled little rich sissy kid. Booo....

Paws crossed that he mans up and joins the "big pups" later this afternoon!



The Weekend...and then some....


Friday night's Happy Hour was great fun!  A bunch of friends gathered at a local watering hole for a few hours, and it was just what I needed.  I opted to enjoy a few glasses of Original Sin Hard Cider

Don't know if you are familiar (it's much like Woodchuck Cider), and it's very tasty...and quite full of alcohol!  TEN and I stayed until around 9pm, and then headed home.  I had definitely had plenty of Original Sin, and was ready for dinner and some puppy time :)



Saturday Louis and I headed to BFF's for a puppy play date!  Remember, this was a play date with the 200 lb labradoodle (turns out he's 110 lbs, but whatever) named Buddy.  Anyway.... it didn't go so well...

(Louis is NOT on board with Buddy at this point)

(Louis is basically terrified of Buddy's tongue at the moment)

(Louis gets brave after BFF and I restrain Buddy)

So, BFF and I decide that perhaps we just need to remove ourselves from the situation and let the pups work it out.  After all...Buddy is only 1, and still a puppy himself!

Bad idea...

Poor Buddy ended up in the garage, and Louis had the run of the house for the rest of our visit!

Saturday night Barbie had a "house warming/new addition/stock the bar" party.  Basically they built a HUGE addition on the house, which included a bar and pool table area, and we all brought a bottle of booze to assure they had plenty to drink in the next few months :)



Sunday Louis was supposed to have a play date with a 10 week old goldendoodle named Finn, but we had to re-schedule.  Probably not such a bad thing for Louis, as he was still a bit overwhelmed from the play date with Buddy!

TEN and I stayed at his apartment (with Louis, of course!) downtown on Saturday night.  When we woke up Sunday morning I was consolidating purses (you know, putting everything back into my big purse from my "party pocket").  It was at this point that I realized my Visa Check card was missing.

We searched TEN's apartment.  Our coats.  Our pockets.  Our everything....and Visa Check card.  Now...the really embarrassing part about this is that this is the SECOND time I have lost my Visa Check card in a month :(  AND....other than those two occurrences, I don't think I have EVER lost my card!  What gives?

Anyway, I get onto the computer to get the bank's customer service number to call and confess. I decided to log into my account just for fun, and

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

My card was not "lost".  It was "stolen".  Uggghhhhhhhhhhhh!  I see charges from Walmart from Sunday morning.  TEN and I hadn't even left the apartment!  Long story short....some gangster lifted my card and tried to go on a Walmart shopping spree.  The dummy tried to make a $1,200 purchase, which sent up a red flag.  He should have just kept shopping at the $250 level and he could have cleaned me out.  Asshole.

All is well now.  I hope he/she tried to use the card again.  I really do.  After I called the bank they informed me that Walmart would pull the tapes, and they would try to track down the culprit.  But, if in the meantime he/she tried to use the card the police would be called immediately and he/she would be apprehended.  I told the bank I wanted to know who it was.  Because has to be someone from Smalltown, VA.  And I want to know who.  Because I've got a big mouth.  Oh yes I do.  And I will embarrass them.  And I will post their picture around town with a note saying:

"Attention Boys and Girls!!!!  Hold on tight to your wallet if you see THIS PERSON in the viscinity. 
(insert picture of thief)
HE/SHE is a THIEF, and stole my Visa Check and used it at WALMART!"

Aren't I nasty?  hehehe....

I proceeded to inhale a foot long turkey and American Cheese sub from Subway, and immediately felt better :)



Monday was a holiday for moi.  TEN had to work (awww...poor thing...), but I didn't :)  So, I went shopping!  I went to TJ Maxx and bought about 20 pairs of yoga pants.  This has really become my outfit choice of late:

1.  black yoga pants
2.  fitted long sleeved t-shirt
3.  running shoes

I think that with having to wisk Louis in and out of the house, and having him jumping all over me constantly it's just easier than trying to actually wear an outfit.  I know, I know....I sound like a new mom who doesn't have 5 minutes to put her make up on, and cuts all of her hair off. 

Whatever.  I'm in to being comfy at the moment. 

I also purchased some new running shoes.  And two new pairs of leggings.  And a little dress.  And some other crap that brought my total to $259.  Oopsies. 

I also bought a pair of black Isotoner slippers to wear with my ball gown this Saturday night.  Yep.  You heard me correctly.  Black Isotoner slippers will be adorning my feet at the ball.  Because I am so tall, and my gown fits me perfectly, I can't wear heels. 

Now... this bothered me bunches at first.  I can hardly feel like a princess if I'm in flats.  What in the world?  I always wear heels to the ball.  But occurred to me that for the very first time my feet may not feel like I'm walking across razor blades at the end of the night.  Hmmmm..... that doesn't sound so bad after all, now does it?

After shopping Louis and I went to Daisy's house for a play date with her three pooches.  Two beagles and an Italian Greyhound/Whippet mix of sorts.  It went okay.  The beagles are BFFs, and they were not trying to make friends with Louis at all!  The Italian Greyhound/Whippit mix was a bit more friendly.  But then again, he did steal Louis' rawhide :(

(prior to the rawhide theft)

Louis also managed to fall into Daisy's fish pond.  Poor little guy.  He recouped and after some TLC from TEN he was as good as new!

TEN and I stayed up late into the night drinking wine and talking about hurricanes and travel insurance.  But that's another post for another time.....



Nada.  I worked, and then I went home, and then I went to bed.  Super tired after late night hurricane/travel insurance talk. 

Okay, I think we are pretty much caught up!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

i've been running around with a chicken missing a head

gchat convo....

TEN: well i could really use a happy hour today.  i've been running around with a chicken missing a head

T: errrrr...would that be like a chicken with it's head cut off? hmmm....

(insert miscelaneous gchat nonsense...)

T:  now, tell me about this chicken who hasn't got a head that you are running around with


What a lovely long weekend.  I've got pictures and videos and gossip!

Only.....I'm quite busy at the moment. 

Barely had the chance to have the above convo with TEN today. 

But so very glad I did. 

It made me chuckle. 


Oh, and guess what...if this island really exists...I want to go there please.  Isn't that just the sweetest? 

(Kassie from Raindrops on Roses has claimed this picture!!  I was reading her blog when I cam across it, and it made me smile :)



Friday, January 15, 2010

Me Loves...

Kate from Nautical by Nature always finds the absolute BEST nautical garb.  I adore anchors...hmmm...wonder why....and she's done it again.  Urban Outfitters (I know, right?!?!?!) has the most precious anchor button earrings.  Too bad my birthday isn't until June.  Too bad Christmas has already come.  Hmmm....wonder if anyone we know plans to buy me a lil Valentines prize?  Hmmm.....

Well, if he is..and he hasn't yet....THESE sure would be a lovely lil prize for T.  I'm just sayin.....


Pardon Me. Have You Any Inspiration? I Could Sure Use Some Please....

I'm tired. 

I need a vacation.

I need some inspiration!

For some reason, every year I get this way.  It happens when we are about 2 or 3 months into winter.  I just fizzle out.  I start wearing jeans and bulky sweaters and Uggs to work.  I don't care if my coat/scarf/whatever matches :( 

Now....I realize that compared to all of the terrible things going on the world today, this is really not something to lose sleep over.'s also not me.  It's like a grey haze has covered my little world, and I don't like it one bit!  As a good friend often says when I moan about such things:

"Oh gee...problems of the middle to upper class.  Why don't I care if my scarf matches my mittens?  I must be depressed."

I'm not depressed I don't think.  Just ready for winter to go away.  For heaven's back yard is still a solid 3 inch sheet of ice.  Blech! 

(disclaimer...this is NOT my actual backyard)

I've had a busy week, and I'm looking forward to a great weekend.  Perhaps that will perk me up a bit?

Tuesday night was wine group with the girls.  Ugggg....Bordeaux, you are NOT my friend. 

Or, perhaps I am not my friend?  Regardless....thank goodness Babbo Natale drove because this girl was in NO SHAPE to operate heavy machinery after that meeting :-o

On Wednesday evening I had a fitting for my Black & White Ball gown.  I absolutely cannot wait to share pictures of my gown with you all!  The girls in Smalltown, VA are kindove silly about their gowns for this event.  It's not like we don't describe them to each other or anything.  But most of us don't show the actual gown to each other.  That way it's like a HUGE surprise when we all arrive at the ball.  I know....silly.  But whatever.  Some of my girlfriends from Smalltown, VA read my blog, so I don't want to post pictures just yet!  I promise that as soon as the event has occurred I will post them though.  This year's dress is FABULOUS!

Here are some pictures of previous year's dresses:

(B&W Ball 2007 - me & JLB)

(B&W Ball 2007 - JLB, me, BFF, CA)

(B&W Ball 2008 - me, MK & Babbo Natale)

(the "train" of my dress...please excuse how weird my legs look!  ick...they really aren't that ugly..i promise!)

(B&W Ball 2009....I HATED THIS DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!)

After my fitting I went to Daisy's house for pot roast and wine.  Yummmy!  Daisy's pot roast is "almost" as good as mine (hahaha), and I thoroughly stuffed myself. 

Last night I had a meeting after work, and then TEN came out for a drink or two after my meeting.  I had to leave to go home to feed and water the pup no late night partying for this girl :(  

Tonight I'm going to happy hour after work. 

Now, normally this would so NOT be exciting.  However, my friends and I haven't had happy hour in MONTHS!!  I think with the holidays, preparing for the holidays, etc...we've all just been so busy the last thing we had time for was happy hour.

But tonight is a different story!  SO excited to kick back and enjoy some drinks with friends after work.  I think a few of my girlfriends that I haven't seen in ages will be coming too.  Yay!

This weekend promises to be packed, and I hope that the excitement of it all will help me find my smile....and hopefully that will help this grey haze lift! 

On Saturday Louis has a play date with a 200lb labradoodle. 

Well, perhaps he isn't 200lbs, but he sure looks it!  Sunday he has a play date with a goldendoodle puppy

(10 wks old, and already bigger than Louis!). 

AND....Monday he has a play date with Daisy's THREE dogs!!! little man is going to be tuckered out after this weekend.  And all I have to do is go to a FABulous stock the bar party at Barbie's.  Lucky me :)

Hope you all have a GREAT weekend!! 

Here's to hoping I find some inspiration soon!  In the meantime, here are some things that make me smile!

(my sleepy little man Wednesday night)

(MUST HAVE pillows MK found for me at One King's Lane!)


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

He's In Da Klub!

Well, almost....

Louis has ALMOST been accepted at the doggie daycare I have chosen for him.  I know, I know...I sound like a complete crazy.  But you know what?  I don't have any children, and he pretty much is my child, so hush it!

I decided that staying in his crate for 4 hours in the morning and 4 hours in the afternoon (with only a little lunch break) on work days was no good for anyone.  Louis is bored to death.  He also has TONS of energy when I get home.  And what if I have plans in the evening?!?!?  I have a 1/2 hour of hard core play time with him, and then I'm exhausted and don't even want to go out :(

So.....doggie daycare it is. 

Last night TEN and I went to the "Doggie Daycare Resort" I selected as my first choice.  I hadn't a clue what to expect, as this is what I read on their website:

Welcome to (doggie daycare I selected)!!

Conveniently located in Smalltown, VA .... (doggie daycare I selected) offers the proudest reputation for dog care and canine services in this area of Virginia! We offer complete luxury services to dogs 25 pounds and under.

Overnight Care, Doggie Day Care, Spa Services, Boutique

AND....for $17/day (it will only be $12 once he's neutered) Louis will have the following:

Our quality care ensures your pet will be safe, pampered, and played with while you are away.  State-of-the-Art Resort designed for small dogs (25 lbs and under).

“4 paw” amenities include:

Handcrafted studio suites and Internationally crafted loft suites

“The Lounge” (play area) with flat screen television to socialize with friends while catching a movie

Customizable itinerary including exclusive pampering options

Staff certified in small dog care

Music throughout

Room service including purified water

Concierge/Maid service

Complimentary blankets and dinnerware

Exclusive all indoor play area

When we walked in the front door we saw an area called the "Barkery".  There were all kinds of yummy treats for pups on display.  Faux chocolates and truffles and quite honestly I wanted to try one :)

There was also a "Boutique" with the cutest little items I have ever seen.  TEN found a leash and collar that he liked for Louis, but before we could investigate further our tour began.  Of course, it was "pick up time" things were a little hectic.  BUT...I like that.  I wanted to show up at the worst possible time so that I could really see what was what!

Let me interject here that I'm pretty sure this whole thing is a little over the top.  I don't think the spa day (with mani and pedi included) will be necessary.  BUT...I do think Louis could use a bit more socialization, and he can NEVER have too much play time :)  So, I hope I'm making a good decision. 

He has to go for a "trial day" next week.  Assuming he is on his best behavior I think he will be accepted.  I'm so very excited about all of this!!  I think he will adore getting to know the other pups, and will be all tuckered out at the end of the day (which is good for me). 

So, say a little prayer for Louis that he is accepted into his doggie daycare.  I plan to take him 2 times per week to start with.  AND...the grand thing is that when TEN and I go away for our long weekend in the mountains (hmmm...have I mentioned that yet????), Louis will be boarded somewhere he is already familiar with.  That makes me feel much better about leaving him.


Monday, January 11, 2010


My girlfriend Babbo Natale hosted this PJ Brunch Club.  The theme was "Southern Style", and let me tell you.  YUMMMMMMMM!!!!

TEN and I went over early to help Babbo Natale set up, and finish cooking.  She had a wonderful menu prepared, and basically I just stood around and ran my mouth.  TEN did, however, cook the bacon, which was helpful!

We had:

Mimosas (we drank EIGHT bottles of champagne.  Oops!)
Paula Deen's French Toast Casserole
Biscuits & Gravy
Cheese Grits
Three types of yummy breakfast breads

I am from THE SOUTH, as we all know, but I DO NOT eat grits.  Never have.  I'm not sure why.  I think at some point in my life someone fed me some terrible grits, and I've not been able to eat them since.  Shrimp & grits has always been big with my family.  I simply eat the shrimp and avoid the grits :)

Well, at PJ Brunch Club I tried Babbo Natale's cheese grits and.....


I even had a second helping :) 

After drinking more mimosas than I wish to count, we all climbed onto Babbo Natale's bed for the requisite PJ Brunch Club Girl's Picture.  And here it is:

(I'm wearing my new pajama purchase from Old Navy...did you notice?)

And our handsome men:

After brunch TEN and I headed back to my house.  He made a fire, and I started reading The Help.  I then promptly fell asleep for the rest of the day.  All in all, a lovely weekend.

I am, however, ashamed to report that I did NOT commit a random act of kindness :(  I had the best intentions, but no opportunity presented itself.  I, obviously, should have gone out of my way to find an opportunity...but I failed.  I opened a few doors for people, and I did go over to Babbo Natale's early to help her get ready for brunch.  But I wouldn't really consider either of those things "random acts of kindness". 


I'm heading to Kroger to go shopping tonight.  Perhaps something will happen that will allow me to be kind to someone? 


Shopping, Shopping, and More Shopping...

BFF from high school came to visit on Friday.  The moment she arrived we set out shopping.  For clothes.  This is very, very dangerous for me.  You see...I didn't NEED anything.  She, however, did.  I was supposed to go
from store to store to store just to assist her.

You can only imagine how long that lasted!  So, here are a few of my lovely new purchases.  Oops!

Oh, and little Louis just MAY have scored this for Valentine's Day:

I did most of my shopping at Old Navy, so the damage wasn't too bad.  At least, not until I got to the Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale.  Then it got bad.  Really bad.  I've told myself that everything I bought there was really for TEN.  His birthday is next month.  The $$$ I spent there will count towards his birthday gift :)  I'm not sure he's on board with that, but I sure am!