Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Weekend...and then some....


Friday night's Happy Hour was great fun!  A bunch of friends gathered at a local watering hole for a few hours, and it was just what I needed.  I opted to enjoy a few glasses of Original Sin Hard Cider

Don't know if you are familiar (it's much like Woodchuck Cider), and it's very tasty...and quite full of alcohol!  TEN and I stayed until around 9pm, and then headed home.  I had definitely had plenty of Original Sin, and was ready for dinner and some puppy time :)



Saturday Louis and I headed to BFF's for a puppy play date!  Remember, this was a play date with the 200 lb labradoodle (turns out he's 110 lbs, but whatever) named Buddy.  Anyway.... it didn't go so well...

(Louis is NOT on board with Buddy at this point)

(Louis is basically terrified of Buddy's tongue at the moment)

(Louis gets brave after BFF and I restrain Buddy)

So, BFF and I decide that perhaps we just need to remove ourselves from the situation and let the pups work it out.  After all...Buddy is only 1, and still a puppy himself!

Bad idea...

Poor Buddy ended up in the garage, and Louis had the run of the house for the rest of our visit!

Saturday night Barbie had a "house warming/new addition/stock the bar" party.  Basically they built a HUGE addition on the house, which included a bar and pool table area, and we all brought a bottle of booze to assure they had plenty to drink in the next few months :)



Sunday Louis was supposed to have a play date with a 10 week old goldendoodle named Finn, but we had to re-schedule.  Probably not such a bad thing for Louis, as he was still a bit overwhelmed from the play date with Buddy!

TEN and I stayed at his apartment (with Louis, of course!) downtown on Saturday night.  When we woke up Sunday morning I was consolidating purses (you know, putting everything back into my big purse from my "party pocket").  It was at this point that I realized my Visa Check card was missing.

We searched TEN's apartment.  Our coats.  Our pockets.  Our everything....and Visa Check card.  Now...the really embarrassing part about this is that this is the SECOND time I have lost my Visa Check card in a month :(  AND....other than those two occurrences, I don't think I have EVER lost my card!  What gives?

Anyway, I get onto the computer to get the bank's customer service number to call and confess. I decided to log into my account just for fun, and

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

My card was not "lost".  It was "stolen".  Uggghhhhhhhhhhhh!  I see charges from Walmart from Sunday morning.  TEN and I hadn't even left the apartment!  Long story short....some gangster lifted my card and tried to go on a Walmart shopping spree.  The dummy tried to make a $1,200 purchase, which sent up a red flag.  He should have just kept shopping at the $250 level and he could have cleaned me out.  Asshole.

All is well now.  I hope he/she tried to use the card again.  I really do.  After I called the bank they informed me that Walmart would pull the tapes, and they would try to track down the culprit.  But, if in the meantime he/she tried to use the card the police would be called immediately and he/she would be apprehended.  I told the bank I wanted to know who it was.  Because has to be someone from Smalltown, VA.  And I want to know who.  Because I've got a big mouth.  Oh yes I do.  And I will embarrass them.  And I will post their picture around town with a note saying:

"Attention Boys and Girls!!!!  Hold on tight to your wallet if you see THIS PERSON in the viscinity. 
(insert picture of thief)
HE/SHE is a THIEF, and stole my Visa Check and used it at WALMART!"

Aren't I nasty?  hehehe....

I proceeded to inhale a foot long turkey and American Cheese sub from Subway, and immediately felt better :)



Monday was a holiday for moi.  TEN had to work (awww...poor thing...), but I didn't :)  So, I went shopping!  I went to TJ Maxx and bought about 20 pairs of yoga pants.  This has really become my outfit choice of late:

1.  black yoga pants
2.  fitted long sleeved t-shirt
3.  running shoes

I think that with having to wisk Louis in and out of the house, and having him jumping all over me constantly it's just easier than trying to actually wear an outfit.  I know, I know....I sound like a new mom who doesn't have 5 minutes to put her make up on, and cuts all of her hair off. 

Whatever.  I'm in to being comfy at the moment. 

I also purchased some new running shoes.  And two new pairs of leggings.  And a little dress.  And some other crap that brought my total to $259.  Oopsies. 

I also bought a pair of black Isotoner slippers to wear with my ball gown this Saturday night.  Yep.  You heard me correctly.  Black Isotoner slippers will be adorning my feet at the ball.  Because I am so tall, and my gown fits me perfectly, I can't wear heels. 

Now... this bothered me bunches at first.  I can hardly feel like a princess if I'm in flats.  What in the world?  I always wear heels to the ball.  But occurred to me that for the very first time my feet may not feel like I'm walking across razor blades at the end of the night.  Hmmmm..... that doesn't sound so bad after all, now does it?

After shopping Louis and I went to Daisy's house for a play date with her three pooches.  Two beagles and an Italian Greyhound/Whippet mix of sorts.  It went okay.  The beagles are BFFs, and they were not trying to make friends with Louis at all!  The Italian Greyhound/Whippit mix was a bit more friendly.  But then again, he did steal Louis' rawhide :(

(prior to the rawhide theft)

Louis also managed to fall into Daisy's fish pond.  Poor little guy.  He recouped and after some TLC from TEN he was as good as new!

TEN and I stayed up late into the night drinking wine and talking about hurricanes and travel insurance.  But that's another post for another time.....



Nada.  I worked, and then I went home, and then I went to bed.  Super tired after late night hurricane/travel insurance talk. 

Okay, I think we are pretty much caught up!



Emily Elizabeth said...

So sorry to hear about your Check Card! That really stinks! Someone stole our CC numbers on the Honeymoon in Costa Rica and bought a whole bunch of plane tickets. They were domestic flights so they didn't need to show an ID to board the plane! So we couldn't catch them! Thank goodness Wachovia had travellers protection!

Otherwise looks like a super fun weekend :)

MCW said...

What I fun weekend. Jealous of your shopping spree!
Poor Louis, you are torturing him!

Whitney and the Preppy Puppies said...

I'm tired just reading about all your fun! I am so sorry about your check card. What a PITA. Thanks for posting about the cider. I love Woodchuck as well as Newton's Folly. Can wait to try Original Sin.

Anonymous said...

I think you did more last weekend that I think I will do all week. Louid is adorable!

Jenny DB said...

OK DONT Feel bad about losing your Visa check card twice. I lose mine ALL.THE.TIME. to the point that a couple months ago I called to get a replacement and they said I had "reached my limit" apparently once you replace it 15 times, they wont do it anymore. but of course they still want you as a customer so know I just have a mastercard mariners check hard. but mine never get stolen, they just got misplaced. and then AS SOON as i order a new one i find it in some pocket or whatever, usually within 24 hrs one time right after i hung up the phone!! haha oh well...

ok and about louis, he just needs a little more confidence!! with that labradoodle his tail was up so that means he's not as scared as you think.. and maybe those yelps were a bit dramatic, cuz the LD was clearly 'playing' - he's just sooo much bigger!! i love your videos though, and Louis is a doll. Im sorry he fell in the pond!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope you find out who took you card, what a jerk! I will have to try and find that hard cider somewhere here, I've never seen that kind. You have to try the Kelly's Raspberry, amazing!