Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Q: Favorite Football Team? A: No Thank You.

You know those surveys that you have undoubtedly received 100 of over the last few years?  They are filled with questions like:

Diamonds or Pearls?
Chocolate or Vanilla?
What is Your Middle Name?

You know what I'm talking about.  Anyway, a little group I'm in has undertaken answering these questions as a way to get to know each other better.  Last week MK was the featured person who had to answer the questions.  For the question "What is your favorite football team?" she answered, "No thank you".  BRILLIANT!!!   I feel exactly the same way.  Well, not 100% that way. I guess my VT Hokies are pretty special to me.  But other than that....Blech!

Football season has started.  TEN is a fan.  T is not.  I've somehow managed to go my entire life and not date a football fan.  The guys I have dated are into golf.  Not that golf is terribly exciting, but most of the time the guy isn't going to throw a fit or try to bargain with me if I want to flip the channel to watch The Rachel Zoe Project while he's watching golf.  Football fans seem to be a little different.

So, being the stellar girlfriend I am, I decided to try to "get into the game" over the past few weeks.  Sample conversation between TEN and T:

TEN: This is one of my favorite teams!
T:  (eyes 1/2 closed snoozing) Mmmmm....that's lovely.
TEN: Go Hank Baskett!!!  Run with that ball!!!
T:  What?  What?  Hank Baskett?  THE Hank Baskett?  That's married to Kendra?
TEN: Yea.
T: OMG.  He's so good to her!  He cleans the kitchen and takes the trash out.  Did you know that?
TEN: Um.  No.
T:  Where is he?  Which one?  I want to cheer for him!  Is he the green people or the blue people?  What number is he?
TEN: (looking at me like I've lost my mind) He plays for the Eagles.  They would be "the green people".


TV ANNOUNCER: Tom Brady such and such....
T: Tom Brady?  Where?  Which one is he?
TEN:  Right there T.  Number such and such who plays for the such and such.
T:  What color is he?  Red or blue?
TEN: Tonight he is red.
T: That he wouldn't even admit Giselle was preggers!  AND...that he has that other new child?  FOR SHAME!
TEN:  Huh?
T: Seriously?  How can you not know this?


Hey Rookie, Welcome to the NFL Show Listing: Reggie Bush
T:  Hey flip to that.  I know Reggie Bush.  He dates Kim Kardashian.  Well, they are kindove off and on at the moment.  But they have decided to make it work.  Which is cool.  Do you know who Reggie Bush is? 
TEN: Yes T.  I know who Reggie Bush is, but that is an old program.  Reggie is no longer a rookie. 
T:  But it says it's him.  Switch it.  Switch it.  Please?
Hey Rookie, Welcome to the NFL 2006 Show Listing: Reggie Bush

Boooo....oh well, I tried.



Wendy said...

I love this. On Saturday night, we were commenting on the after-game commentator's orange fake tan and the ugliness of Tennessee's uniforms (hello, they look like Cheetos) and the boys were looking at us all like we were nuts. So many more interesting things about football than the actual game!

JKC said...

hahahhaha this is SO cute! i love HANK too! :)

Anonymous said...

LMAO!!!! ROTFLMAO!!! Thanks for the, much needed, belly laugh at 11 am!!