Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's Days Like Today That I Wish I Was a Size Zero

Well, got me. That's pretty much every day :)

But, today especially! Blackeyed Susan from Susan in the South found this AWESOME Tory Burch Sample Sale online. She blogged about her favorite finds, but unfortunately...she isn't a zero either.

Are any of you a size zero? Do you wear a size 6 shoe? If so, you should most definitely head to the Tory Burch Sample Sale HERE. It's all you. I, unfortunately, am a 4/6 with an 8.5 shoe and apparently so is the rest of the world....because those sizes are all gone. Sigh.

I adore Tory Burch. I adore all of her little frocks and shoes and purses. While I was on my shopping spree in Baltimore with BFF I went crazy trying on everything TB I could find. Remember, I live in Smalltown, VA..and bless our little hearts...TB can't be found in these parts. Due to my recent car purchase I restrained myself, and only bought a few things. However, the prices at this Sample Sale are BEYOND reasonable.

So, are welcome for this advertisement. If you so desire, I would be happy to receive a little prize for my efforts. Preferably in a size 4/6 or 8.5.



Melia said...

size zero? pssshht. not this girl. i'm close on the shoes though...

JKC said...

oh lucky me, those are just my sizes...NOT! :-P

Blackeyed Susan said...

I'm sure TB is shaking in her expensive flats right now...DSS DEMANDS some swag!!! :P

MCW said...

Size zero? That is way to small :) 4 or 6 is just perfect (which I wish I was)!