Monday, July 27, 2009

Speeding Tickets Are Sexy....

At least...that's what I'm telling myself this morning. I acquired my second ticket (in one month) yesterday on the way home from Bachelorette Party #2 in Charlotte, NC. I wish I could say something snarky about North Carolina (the way I did about Dinwiddee County, VA), but there was nothing wrong with the area where I was snagged. It was my fault. Completely.

I was driving 79 in a 70 this time. Three girlfriends were in the car with me. We were gabbing and rehashing the previous night's good times. Then. KABAM! I saw him. Mr. State Trooper. He was right there in the wide open. I was in a bundle of traffic, so I wasn't watching my speed. Who does when you are in a line of other cars?

As we passed Mr. State Trooper I remarked "whoopsies, hope he doesn't get me". The Real Housewife of Delaware was in the passenger seat and proclaimed "yep, he's going to get you". The conversation proceeded like this:

T: Why do you assume that? He might get one of the others in this line of traffic!
RHWoD: Nope. If a cop has a chance to pull a Ford Bronco, a minivan or a Benz...the Benz is going home with a ticket.
T: What? Why?
RHWoD: Because he's going to figure that the other two have enough problems already. A bunch of girls in a Benz. You are so getting the ticket.
T: But look...he's in the left lane. Not my lane. He's going to pass me and get that Ford Bronco.
RHWoD: We'll see.....
T: Shit! He's moved over behind me. I'm getting a ticket.
RHWoD: Yep.
T: Why didn't you tell me about this stupid theory before I bought the freakin car?!?!?!

(RHWoD drives a new BMW SUV. It's fancy. She still doesn't have a ticket. I'm not sure where she gets her insight into who a cop will pull/ticket, but yesterday she hit the nail on the head. Drat!)

I'm pretty sure I'm going to just pay the ticket. All $134 of it. I did find this interesting website about beating speeding tickets in North Carlina though. So, if you ever find yourself in need:



Wendy said...

Honey dear! You need a radar detector.

One word of advice - Comedy Traffic School seems like a good idea, but trust me, it's not.

Melia said...

I'm thinking that I will drive when we go to DC next month!! Slow it down, girl.

MCW said...

It must be all the new cars fault :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Be careful! I drive like such a grandma. It's pathetic.

Blackeyed Susan said...

haha blame it on the sweet ride! :)

TudorCity Girl said...

7 Pounds.. Never heard of it but now I must see it! I never cry either but feel I need a good cry...maybe this movie will do it!
Glad you had a great time at the shower and TEN is back home. :)

Anonymous said...

I got 2 tickets in 2 weeks one time... wasn't the best 2 weeks of my life :)

Maybe the trooper just wanted to see all the lovely ladies!