Monday, May 16, 2011

One Sick Puppy :(

I'm going to save the majority of the report on Louis for Westie Wednesday.  AND...I'm going to hope and pray that he is feeling much better by then. BUT...let me start off my three day weekend review by telling you that when I arrived home from work on Thursday I was greeted by a horrible mess :(

Little Louis had an upset stomach, and not only was his "upset stomach" all over his crate and the kitchen, it was also all over him.  Nose to tail!  He did, however, save his stuffed duck billed platypus (called pladdy) from the mess by squeezing him through the opening in the crate.  Pladdy was safe and sound outside of the "messy area". 

I got Louis bathed and his crate cleaned.  I dried him off and snuggled him for a bit.  I took him outside for a spin around the yard (just to make sure all of the upset stomach was out), and I messaged TEN.  I was supposed to go to another It Works! Wrap Party Thursday evening, but I didn't want to leave Louis alone.  TEN volunteered to babysit, so I headed to Barbie's house.

I lost another couple of inches from my belly area, and definitely a few from my thighs.  I need to keep up with my applications (I have ordered a bunch and haven't used them regularly) to assure I win the "sexy off" at the lake this summer.  More on that later....


Friday morning I took Louis to the vet.  I told you about his tail being bitten at day care, right?  More on that for Westie Wednesday, but let me just show you a little something....

The vet shaved his tail to assure the bite healed properly.  Now Louis not only has a "skirt" from the westie cut we weren't expecting (that is still growing out), but he now also has a poodle's tail.  I told TEN we should call him "poodle skirt".  But Louis heard us.  And he became quite upset.  So we haven't said that anymore.

Friday evening I went to a friend's birthday party for a little bit, and then TEN met up with us downtown.  We stayed out for a little bit, but we were both so worried about Louis that we cut the evening short. 


Saturday's original plans were to take Louis on a hike here:

But, with rain forecast all through the weekend....and Louis feeling under the weather...we decided to put off our hike for another weekend.

Instead we laid on the couch and snuggled Louis all day.  And told him we loved him.  And that he was the best pup in the world, and that we NEEDED him to get better so that we could all romp around and have fun again.  No matter how much love we gave him, he was still exhausted and wanted nothing but to sleep.

(Louis seriously stayed in this position for HOURS at a time.  until one of us moved him.  and he slept.  soundly.  the entire time.  poor, sick muffin.)

TEN and I couldn't take it anymore.  We had to get out of the house.  So, we headed to Kroger :)  Let me tell you...going to Kroger on a Saturday night may seem lame to you, but after spending 24 hours cooped up in the house with a sick pup, Kroger is really something to get excited about!

We decided to cook another one of Gina's Skinny Recipes.  This time we decided on Grilled Steak Fajitas.

Gina's final photo:

By now you know that my creations never quite look like Gina's.  I have about twice as much cheese, and sour cream, and well...everything.  So perhaps my fajita isn't only 150 calories.  Perhaps it's 250 calories.  But let me tell you something.  In T's word...that STILL considered skinny.  It's STILL way better than chicken tenders and french fries dipped in Ranch.  See what I'm saying?

Back to cooking....

(flank steak rubbed down with herbs and such)

(chopping up the peppers)

(onions & red/yellow/orange peppers)

(olive oil, cilantro, pepper & salt on the veggies)

(toss it all on the grill)

(because Blogger is so fabulous, this picture is sideways.  sorry about that.  but check out this excellent grilling basket for veggies i purchased from ABC Distributing for only $6.95.  excellent investment!)

(the flank steak and veggies cooking away)

(the aroma in the back yard from the veggies cooking was absolutely divine!)

(another sideways view.  we made spanish rice to add to our fajitas, with reduced fat sour cream, cheddar & mozzarella cheeses)

(here are the grilled veggies, and the steak.  we chose to cut the steak in strips rather than in cubes.  i think either way works just fine!)

(the finished product.  a wee bit larger than Gina's.  oopsies!)


Sunday brought on more of the same.  Low key couch surfing.  We watched both The Fighter & The Tourist (Seersucker Suite Movie Reviews Coming Soon).  We took Louis on a walk.  We sat on the patio, because it was actually a beautiful day!  We contemplated going hiking, and leaving Louis behind, but in the end we didn't want to do that.  Because he was still feeling puny.  And we didn't want him to be alone.  And so, we took him on a walk around the neighborhood.  And he still had an upset stomach.  And so we snuggled him some more.  And decided to cook dinner again.

Back to Kroger.

This time we decided on an old staple. 

(filet mignon)

(corn on the cobb...cooked on the grill)

(italian green beans)

I didn't take any pictures of this meal, but I should have.  It deserved pictures :)  Absolutely delish!  One of my all time favorites.

With the exception of a sick puppy, I had quite a glorious 3-day weekend.  I hope your weekend was full of just as much delicious food, but not nearly as much of an upset stomach experienced by someone you love.



Jenny DB said...

Aw poor Louis! That looks like a bad ouchy on his tail! What a naughty pup to bite him like that :-( Poor little Homie also got a nasty bite on the face this weekend. He thought it would be okay to take the neighbor pup's tennis ball in HER house. She did not agree. Hope Louis is feeling better soon!

Dee Stephens said...

I hope Louis feels better. When Buddy was a puppy about twice a week I would come home to blowouts like that a week.
Clean him, clean the crate. It was exhausting. Finally I changed his food and avoided that.
We have that same grill basket and use it all the time.
We love grilled food and Gina's Skinny Taste!

Annie said...

Hope he feels better!

Looks like yall made some delish meals my friend!

Tote said...

You and ten had a real foodie weekend! Glad you are both doing well together!
Poor Louis! They are so helpless when they are sick. I am sure he really appreciated the attention you and ten gave him. Hope he feels better soon.


Anonymous said...

I've missed you while I was kidnapped to the hellacious kingdom of MB's Recovery (it's miles away from the land of Seersucker, don't worry).

Hope Louis starts feeling better! Poor pup!

Ann said...

oh poor Louis, tell him that Duke and I are hoping he's feeling better soon.
You and Ten sure know how to make a meal. Darn I'm starving after looking at those pictures. Maybe you guys could stop by here next weekend and cook for

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

Awe, hope Louis feels better soon!

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

Oooh poor Louis!! I wish him a speedy recovery!

BelleinBows said...

Poor Louis, I can't wait to get the full update on the sweet pup.

Good job on losing some inches, that seems so great!

Whitney and the Preppy Puppies said...

Poor L Dubs! I hope he's much better now. I loved how he moved Paddy to safety. That is totally something S would do for his two favorites, Salsa and Tango.

The Defunct Curator said...

This post just made me hungry. I hope Louis is feeling better! Nothing is worse than a sick pup.

The Tiny Team said...

YUMMY! We just had to sell our grill, but I wish we didn't! I hope your puppy's tail feels better soon!!!