Friday, June 26, 2009

"She Was An Angel On Earth, And Now An Angel Forever." - Lee Majors

Yesterday was a sad day. I was complaining to someone about getting older a while ago, and he simply said "It beats the alternative". Wow. Isn't that the truth?

I've always though Farrah Fawcett was hot. I'm not sure I really knew that when I was young. I just knew that I wanted my hair to flip back like hers, and I wanted my smile to resemble hers...and basically I wanted to be her. She was pretty far along in her career when I was old enough to know who she was, but she was still hot. Maybe sexy is a better word? I don't know. She was just plain amazing. And how about Ryan O'Neal? That they married, divorced, and then reunited. That's the kind of love I want one day.

I have been keeping tabs on Farrah since she became seriously ill. Barbie, BFF & I play Charlie's Angels sometimes. We've been doing it for a while, and when we have multiple cocktails at parties we make guns with our hands and pose. I'm blonde, Barbie is a brunette and BFF is a red-head. We're pretty sure we make damned good Angels, and Barbie's husband is Bosley. It's pretty funny actually, and the pictures are priceless. We even climb onto couches and jump off so that people can photograph us from a lower angle like they did on the show. Actually, I guess it's pretty ridiculous. Anyway.... I'm the blonde. I'm Farrah.

I think we all saw the end coming for Farrah. She fought a hell of a fight, and no one can ever say she didn't do everything possible to stay on this earth as long as she could. It was just her time. When I heard that she died yesterday morning I thought to myself "well, now she's a different kind of angel". I think Lee Majors said it best: "She Was An Angel On Earth, And Now An Angel Forever".

Yesterday was Farrah's day. I'm sorry Michael Jackson died. Really. I am. But yesterday was Farrah's day. In today's Smalltown, VA newspaper her death/article is on page 4. Michael's is on the front page. I know Michael's death was unexpected, but it still pissed me off.

So, here's to Farrah:

And here's to us....let's never get too old to play Charlie's Angels :)



MCW said...

She was soooo beautiful! It's very sad that her son is such a screw-up at the moment...

Jess said...

This was great! I know it's sad that MJ died (of course) but it's almost as if people just stopped caring about Farrah...not right.

Anonymous said...

agreed. im so sick of hearing about michael jackson. did we also forget about ed mcmahon?!?

BLC :o said...

It was tres sad, eh!? Xoxo-BLC