Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Normal Guy, Weddings & Birthdays.....Oh My!

So I finally e-mailed Normal Guy back. He responded immediately. He still sounds....lovely :) I apologized for going AWOL. I explained that I had been very busy. That sounds pretty lame, but it's all I've got right now. As it turns out, he would like to make a date immediately. He suggested hiking. Gaaaaahhhhhh! Why does everyone want to go hiking? Here's the thing...if I go out with him, and we go hiking...I'm not going to like him. So...what to do? And then again...who in the world wants to be in some secluded forest with a stranger on a first date? He could steal me or something. I know, I know...that's NOT going to happen. But it could!

Also, the Wedding Season has kicked off, and I've got bachelorette parties, bridal showers and weddings every weekend. I've tried to work my way off of a few boards and committees so that I will have some "T time" over the summer to compensate. It's unfortunate that it came down to that, but I just want my life back. Because am I ever supposed to find Mr. Seersucker if I'm cooped up in a board meeting every night? I still want to be involved, but I don't feel compelled to be the "go to girl" anymore. I feel really good about that decision :)

On another birthday is this Saturday, and I'm really excited about it!. What girl in their right mind gets excited about yet another birthday? ME! Birthdays have always been a really big deal in my family, and now that I'm all grown up and on my own I still carry on that tradition. My birthday tends to last for an entire weekend. It's lots of fun, and friends come in from out of town, and basically it's a big mess. A big, fun mess. I'm looking forward to it.

So, all in all things are good at Seersucker Central. I've been trying to figure out where to go from here, and I think I've made some pretty solid decisions. I really need to go out with Normal Guy. I know that. The truth is...I'm not sure I want to. For a bunch of reasons...none of them related to him. I'm not sure I'm making the right decisions, but for now I'm going to try to stick with them. What in the world does this mean for my silly little blog you want to know? Well, in doesn't mean a lot. Because in the land of T, things tend to change from day to day. By tomorrow I could be hiking in the forest with a stranger. We will just have to see how it all pans out.....



Anonymous said...

Just make sure it is a well populated hiking spot -- better safe than sorry! It's always good to make some you time, if you don't no one else will. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

MCW said...

You must go out with him...but, tell him that you like to keep first dates to more populated places and make a joke out of it.
Happy Birthday! I hate b-days...wish I liked them as much as you do!

Wendy said...

We are ALMOST birthday twins - so HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope your celebration is awesome. :)

TudorCity Girl said...

Just found your blog (as you are following mine- Thanks!!) and LOVE it!!!

May this be the year you find the man you are looking for!!