Monday, August 16, 2010

Spilling It

I've been a little hush, hush lately.  I haven't been sharing what is going on in my life.  And there is a reason for that.  After talking to a few friends (thank you guys!  you know who you are:) I have decided that I'm going to fill you all in. 

So, here are a few things that I have done/will be doing:

1.  I've met quite a few new guys.  One of which is really nice.  I think he likes me.  And I like him.  But I'm not sure I'm ready to "settle down" just yet.  Because I really hadn't realized how many options there were out there.  And that is exciting!

2.  Marilyn Monroe has TWO doctors she wants to introduce me to.  I wonder if they know each other?  That could be a little awkward.  "Why yes doctor #2, I do think you are quite are definitely the front runner as compared to doctor #1".  God that sounded terribly arrogant.  But you know what I mean.  I just hope they don't know each other:)

3.  I took off from work on Friday to spend the day at the pool with BFF.  We had been out galavanting the night before, and we were quite sure we would need some pool time to recover on Friday.  So, I took Friday off and worked on my tan.  Our dear friend K, who moved earlier this summer, came in on we had a sun-filled, fun-filled weekend catching up to say the least. 

4.  Smalltown, VA's big beer festival took place this weekend.  The weather was a bit overcast, but that ended up being just perfect!!  Last year it was so hot and miserable, and this year it was quite enjoyable.  We were upgraded to VIP, so we even had a fancy pants tent to stand under and chairs to sit in and tasty treats catered for us to enjoy.

5.  I'm starting pilates again.  I bailed on jazzercise.  I've waited  to tell you that I've bailed on jazzercise until I was able to tell you about some other form of exercise I had taken up :)  I just didn't want you to be disappointed in my laziness.  So, I'm starting pilates tonight.   I expect to be able to do this after a few classes:

I'll keep you posted.

6.  The Voice of Reason is getting married next month, and we are headed to Wilmington for a long Bachelorette Weekend to celebrate HER!  We are leaving this Thursday.  I hope the weather is sunny, because we are staying on the beach. 

We will also be attending a "Haunted Pub Crawl".  I haven't a clue what that entails, but "haunted" + "pub crawl" sounds mighty fine to me!

7.  Louis is back to climbing the stairs.  This was something I tried very hard to teach him to do months ago.  I felt he should be able to walk himself up the stairs if I was upstairs and he wanted to be there.  He did quite well once or twice, and then he had a mishap.  He was almost to the top and he slipped.  And he slid all the way to the bottom on his belly.  And he cried.  And he refused to attempt it ever again.  And then I realized that this was not a bad thing at all!  Especially when he started eating my shoes, and sunglasses, and cell phones and car keys.  I place anything of value on Step 3 or higher and it's safe.  This is a given.  I am very comfortable with this.  And then this morning I was sitting on Step 4 strapping on my shoes, and  there he was.  Sitting beside my foot on Step 3.  And then he bounced back to the floor, and came directly back up.  And my eyes were wide with horror!  How could this be!  What if Louis will now be coming upstairs?  I will have to puppy proof the entire upstairs as well?!?!?!  Quel horreur!!  I'll keep you posted.

And that's it.  That is what I've got to share that I haven't shared for whatever reason.  But now I have.  So there.  I've got to tell you about my give away and I need to do a Seersucker Movie Review too.  Talk to you in a bit!



Ann said...

jazzercise, pilates, I'm exhausted just reading about it.
Now hurry and puppy proof that upstairs :)

Dee Stephens said...

Yay for Louis! He's growing ups!Keep us posted on the doctors!

Kassie said...

Yay for updates!! You have so much fun girl, you need to spread that around a bit. :) Well, that, and if one of the doctors doesn't work out just send him my way. ;)

BelleinBows said...

Awh, poor Louis! I am proud of him though haha. Keep your options open girl, you'll know when it's right to settle down.

MCW said...

You have been busy...glad there is one guy that has your interest. Will you be heading out west anytime soon?

Jess said...

Oh, pilates...I need to get back to the gym! Maybe now that my schedule is back on track, I can do that :) And theme parties are always fun...who doesn't love a reason to go shopping?! Haha

love jenny xoxo said...

sounds like you are a lucky girl!! and I have never seen pilates like that before... i mean upside-down but I wanna try it!!


Ashley said...

ohhh, The potential doctor men sounds exciting!!
I havent been to Wilmington in years, but I always had a good time there! :)

Love Cocktails and puppydog tails! said...

oo la la! a doctor... NICE! it sounds like you have a few exciting weekends ahead of you! I just had to laugh at this post (the part about Louis on the stairs) because Duncan has fallen down the stairs a couple times ( he is a trooper and didn't let it get him down BUT it was still a little hard for him to shake off lol) and he for some reason still after a year won't jump up on the couch (he is like a little prince that has to be picked up and placed on a pillow heehehehehe!