Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Seersucker Movie Review - Gone Baby Gone

Obviously I am a little behind in watching Gone Baby Gone, as it came out in like 2007 or something.  However, I always meant to watch it.  I just got side tracked. 

Anyway, about 10 people have said to me as of late "T, you really should watch Gone Baby Gone.  I do believe you would like it very much."  And so I did.  And I liked it very much :)

I will say that 1/2 way through the movie I thought it was over.  And I was about to give it ONE Seersucker Suit.  Because it was pretty okay.  But I was not caught off guard at all.  I was able to keep up, and I wasn't expecting to walk away pondering the questions of the universe as a result of watching Gone Baby Gone.  And then it wasn't over.  And then more stuff happened.  And then I found myself pondering the questions of the universe. 

Here is a little synopsis of the movie:

"When 4 year old Amanda McCready disappears from her home and the police make little headway in solving the case, the girl's aunt Beatrice McCready hires two private detectives Patrick Kenzie and Angie Gennaro. The detectives freely admit that they have little experience with this type of case, but the family wants them for two reasons - they're not cops and they know the tough neighborhood in which they all live. As the case progresses, Kenzie and Gennaro face drug dealers, gangs and pedophiles. When they finally solve the case, they are faced with a moral dilemma that tears them apart." -Written by garykmcd

If you don't like movies where little girls get kidnapped....don't watch it.  If you don't like movies where everyone doesn't skip off into the sunset at the end of the day...don't watch it.  BUT...if you like movies that make you think.  And movies that are real.  And movies where everything doesn't always work out the way you think it's supposed to...and you are left wondering if that is okay....watch it.

My favorite line from the movie is this:

"He lied to me. Now I can't think of one reason big enough for him to lie about that's small enough not to matter."

So for movies that keep it real, and quotes that make me think, I hereby award Gone Baby Gone:


P.S.  It doesn't hurt that Casey Affleck is breathtakingly (is that a word??) handsome.  Like really, really handsome.  Like way more handsome than Ben.  Even without a southern accent, a seersucker suit and a bow tie ;) 



J said...

I love this movie, thanks for reminding me. Casey Affleck definitely makes me swoon and I agree he's more handsome than Ben.

Ann said...

I've never seen it but then there are a ton of movies I've never seen.

Welcome to the Clusterf*ck said...

Fantastic film. All the more impressive seeing that Ben Affleck directed it (He should definitely stick with directing and end the acting). Fantastic final scene, leaving you wondering whether 'the right thing to do' is necessarily the 'best thing to do'.

How does the rating system work?

mk said...

I really liked this one too. And yes, Casey Affleck is hot in it.