Monday, September 27, 2010

Oh Yea, I Also Want a G6....So Santa if You Are Listening

G6, you say? 

Here I thought a G5 was where it's at.

Clearly I'm so 2009. 


I'm in love with this song.  It's pretty junior high school, I think.  But that's okay.  It makes me want to pull out my parachute pants and break down a card board box. 



SASS said...

I love this song. It popped up on Pandora months ago, I fell in love, and now it's top 10. Coincidence? No. But I stopped listening to it once I googled was "sizzurp" meant...where do people come up with these things?? It's so catchy.

Ann said...

I am obviously so out of the loop, I don't have a clue what a G5 or 6 is

Caroline said...

I love that song, as well as Club Can't Handle Me, the vid in the post or two below. Have you heard Bottoms Up by Trey Songz with Nicki Manaj? I'm wondering when the age will come when I don't "get" new music. Hopefully not for a long time.

Anonymous said...

Omg I love that song. Totally jam to it on the way to work in the mornings!!

Anonymous said...

This is totally stuck in my head now! I just mindlessly inserted the lyrics in the middle of an e-mail I was writing...thankfully I noticed.
I tagged you for the versatile blogger award :)

Becca said...

ummmmmm i am obsessed with this song. its SO FUN and a great tune to blast while getting ready for a fun night out.
obsession. OBSESSION.