Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I Got Your Answers Riiiiight Here....

Julie from Brown Eyed Belle has tagged me to answer 8 questions!!  Thanks girl :)

Here we go:

1. Favorite flower? tulips

2. Favorite color combination?  Navy blue & hot pink

3. Favorite celebrity couple?  I don't really have one.  I used to say Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt.  I thought they looked very "all American", and quite happy :)  They were never fall-down drunk at the clubs, or in the tabloids for anything other than walking the Red Carpet.  And then Brad had to go and screw that up.  And now I think he is quite possibly the most annoying male on the face of the earth.  Well, second to Tom Cruise of course.  But he's mentally we have to grant him a little leeway for that. 

4. Your theme song?  Jessie's Girl by Rick Springfield

5. Favorite 'I've had a terrible day' food?  Beef w/Broccoli from the Chinese restaurant :)

6. Lipstick, lip gloss or both?  Chapstick

7. Favorite magazine?  New York Magazine

8. Favorite thing about fall?  Living in Virginia for the last few years I have truly appreciated the changing colors of the leaves.  I never experienced that growing up!  Taking a walk through my neighborhood, admiring the colors of the leaves, smelling a fire in a neighboring fire place with a scarf wrapped around my neck = Happiness :)


The Preppy Pre-Med from My Preppy Pre-Med Life has also tagged me with another 8 questions!!

Here goes nothin :)

1. What has been the best vacation you ever took?  Two weeks in northern Italy with two of my best girlfriends.  I don't think there will ever be another trip quite like that :)

2. What is your dream car?  Mercedes CL55 AMG convertible

3. What is your favorite fall trend?  I'm not very trendy :(  I don't invest much in things that aren't here to stay.  I look forward to the same thing every fall:  riding boots, jeans, turtleneck sweaters and warm scarves.

4. What is your favorite photograph you have taken (or has been taken of you)?   There is a picture that hangs on the wall in my living room.  It was taken about 5 years ago.  A dear guy friend of mine and I had been at a Christmas party.  I'm wearing a black dress and tartan plaid heels with white mittens.  I've got a black calf length dress coat on, and I'm riding "piggy back" on my friend's back.  Although my shoes were precious, they were quite painful to walk in....hence the "piggy back".  My friend and I are so casually comfortable with each other.  We were laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation, and someone caught it on film.  Both of our eyes are full of light and happiness.  Every time I look at that picture I am reminded of a catalogue photo.  One where two people are pretending to be having the time of their lives. was real :)

5. What is one food you would never eat under any circumstances? Brussel sprouts

6. What is your favorite quote?  I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. - Phil 4:13

7. Who has most impacted your life?  There is not ONE "who" that has most impacted my life.  I have found that there are a combination of "whos" that have given me direction, and helped me to determine exactly who I want to be.  Some of these people have impacted me greatly by showing me exactly what I DO NOT what to do, or to be like.  But, most of them have led by positive example.  I struggle daily to live up to their example, and will continue to do so for the rest of my days :)

8. What would you most like to be known for?  Being a kind, positive and charitable influence on those around me.  I think that I was known for all of these characteristics in my "younger years".  However, I dare say that in the last few years I've become a bit grumpy.  I need to work on that kindness piece...



MCW said...

Damn...good questions. And great answers.
Agree with the brussel sprouts. Blah. They small horrid.
And Katie is just as annoying at Tom. They has her on Access Hollywood tonight. She made me want to gag.

Bronwen said...

Hey don't hate on Brussels Sprouts! They're actually quite good if prepared right. :) I had a dish at a tapas place that was roasted Brussels, chorizo, and golden raisins and it was delish! They're like little yummy cabbages. :)