Saturday, September 11, 2010

United We Stand

A day I will never forget.

A day none of us will ever forget.

He made it out safely. 

I will forever be grateful.

But so many did not.

I will never understand.



MCW said...

Watching the TV as they list everyone who passed...shocks me every year.

Ann said...

After all these years, it's still so hard to understand how something like this could happen

Beth Dunn said...

I know we'll never forget!

the Hard Way said...

it took me 9 years to be able to put that down in black & white. it's one of those things that we all need to do when, if, we are ready. also, it feels good to share a story that had a positive ending. there were a lot of those that day, despite the devastation. and it seems you have a positive story, too. thanks to God.

thanks for reading, thanks for the support, and thanks for continuing to remember.