Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Fast And The Furious

Just wanted to update on a few things, but only have a sec!  I'm off to the "Thursday night game".  A favorite of all Hokie fans :)  Virginia Tech is playing UNC, and I'm guessing it's going to be a blow out.  However, I shouldn't assume we all know!

Thought I would do a quickie update, as I have a few pics to share from my Monday post and a few other things.

My outfit from the cocktail on Saturday night:

Don't mind the fact that I was on the stairs giving some sort of lecture about my cocktail :)  The necklace doesn't look so big in the picture, but I promise you it was HUGE.  It also weighed about 25 lbs.  The bracelets look a bit small too.  Hmph.  Anyway, you cannot see my marigold J. Crew heels in the pic, but they were fabulous :) 

Sunday PJ Brunch Club Pics are super cute as well.  We had the whole group in attendance this time!!

The girls:

(that's me on the back right, in the stripes!)

The Boys:

(that's TEN on the left.  he and Bosley are snuggled up w/each other.  hahaha)

Update on my suspected yellow jacket bite.  Yep.  Pretty sure it was a yellow jacket.  My leg is swollen and hard, and there is a large red bumpy rash on it.  Sorry, that may be TMI...but it just amazes me that one little annoying pest can do so much damage to me!!!!!!  I am a pretty hardy person, and to think that this insect could actually kill me if enough of them bite me is scary.

The trip to Toronto and back almost killed me.  Up at 4am, home at 11pm.  I came back to a HUGE storm in Smalltown, VA.  So huge that we almost couldn't land, and they were planning to take us to DC!  Thankfully we did make it back, but as I stepped off the plane (which was a small we had to walk to the building) i was drenched from the downpour!

I arrived home exhausted and soaked.  I changed into my pj's, called TEN and promptly called it a day.  Whew!

So, now I'm off to watch my Hokies tonight with BFF and her husband and some other friends too!  The Real Housewife of Delaware and hubby are coming into town, so it should be a lovely evening :)

Back tomorrow with lots more to chat about I'm sure.  Have a wonderful evening.  AND....




MCW said...

Love the jumper! And the idea of PJ brunch. Did you notice that we can ALMOST see the faces of the boys in the mirror? ha
Have a great time at the game!!!

Jenny DB said...

I need to start doing this sunday PJ brunch thing. what a great idea:) so much cheaper than our local spot too i bet. do you guys take turns hosting? is it all couples?

Jessica said...

That jumper looks great on you!! Love the accessories too, even if you feel the picture doesn't do them justice!

Anonymous said...

Loving the black outfit -- super cute! I do hope your leg is back to normal soon.