Monday, October 19, 2009


BFF stopped by office this morning to bring me a prize!  It was so very sweet of her, and it is an EXCELLENT prize :)  BFF and I are both silly in love with the Twilight series.  We just can't seem to help ourselves.  We've read all of the books, of course, and are anxiously awaiting the November 19/November 20 midnight showing of New Moon!

So anyway, back to my prize.  BFF bought me a "Team Edward" t-shirt to wear to the movie!!  Isn't she the best? 

(mine doesn't look just like this, but you get the idea!)

She got one for herself that says "Real Men Sparkle"

I was so excited about my prize that I gchatted TEN immediately to tell him.  Obviously he thinks we are both ridiculous :(

T: BFF came to visit me this morning and brought me a prize :D
TEN: what was it?
T: well, it's a "team edward" shirt. i'm going to wear it for the midnight showing of the second movie, of course :D BFF got one that says "real men sparkle" :-o
TEN: wow. Can you wear a mask so no one we know can see you in that shirt?
T: absolutely not

Boo hiss on boys that don't love Twilight as much as we do!



Emily said...

Love Twilight! I can't wait for November 20!

Beth Dunn said...

I know I'm so into Twilight I'm a dork! Love your new shirt. Can't wait for New moon movie too.

BTW please copy me!!!