Thursday, October 1, 2009

Brrrrrr....It's Chilly Outside!

Not saying it isn't fun to be wearing jeans, a cashmere sweater and a coat, of course! 


Last night's "date night" was lovely.  I was quite the piggy at dinner, but ate every bit of it!!  We didn't like any of the movies that were showing at the moment, so we decided to rent one from On Demand.  TEN had still never seen He's Just Not That Into You.  Every time we look through the movies he remarks "I've not seen that movie".  So, I decided he needed to see it.

It was the funniest thing ever.  Watching HIM watch the movie.  He was shaking his head and nodding and such throughout the whole thing.  He was calling certain people in the movie names of people we know.  He was completely engaged!!!  I keep chuckling to myself, because seriously, it was the cutest ever.   When the movie was over he said "that was a good movie....I mean...for a chick flick.  It was pretty accurate".  

Tonight I have a board meeting and then home to pack.  Pack for what you ask?  Well, let me just tell you.....

Saturday morning I leave for San Francisco for 5 days!!!!  Not so much for vacay, it's for work.  Every year my company puts on a HUGE conference.  It's never in the same place twice, and I never have the chance to see as much of the cities as I want to :(   All of my company's staff pretty much work 16 hour days.  We are up before the sun and entertaining clients until long after it goes down.  The conference is, however, the best lead generator EVER.  So, I can't complain too much. 

We also end up staying in the most fancy pants hotels I have ever seen.  And I've stayed in some nice ones!  The sad thing is that I spend about 25 minutes per day in my room.  All of the glory and splendor of the room is lost on this girl.  Quite a few of my co-workers bring friends and family with them.  They simply pay for the plane ticket, and the room is paid for.  TEN inquired about joining me on my trip, but once I explained that he would not set eyes on me unless I was asleep he changed his mind.   I dare say I believe we have spent more time apart than together during the ______ (undetermined number of months because we can't exactly decide when we started dating) months we have been dating :-o

The BEST news of all though, is that when I return from San Fran...I have 5 days off.  Yep, that's right FIVE DAYS OFF!!  Thank you Christopher Columbus.  You were a terrible man.  You treated the natives terribly everywhere you went.  However, I am happy to observe you and your madness on October 12, 2009 because it will be my 5th day off in a row.   Thank you very much.



mk said...

I went but alas I did not have quite the experience you spoke of in your comment. Hopefully next time! Have fun in San Fran. Great city!

Leah said...

Cute outfit! I LOVE that bag!

MCW said...

I love how Ten watched that movie with you. Most guys would refuse...he is a keeper :)

StephRen said...

That is a great outfit! I'll bet it's freezing in SF! So jealous you're going! I loved visiting a couple summers ago! So much fuN!