Monday, May 11, 2009

Connection Lost

I'm not writing to bring you up to speed on my MDC dates at the moment. Why, you ask?'s thanks to my work internet connection having some major issues. How DARE my work internet connection not be working so that I can play on MDC and blogger :) Anyway, every time I log in to MDC my web browser shuts down. I'm wondering if that isn't a sign? Hmmm.....

So, let's talk about the weekend shall we? Friday night was fun. The graduation party was nice, and there was a good turn out. I sure hope the person the party was for enjoyed herself :) It was raining buckets when my friend Zumba and I left the graduation party, so we decided to head back to my house rather than brave a night out downtown. We were both attending The Real Housewife of Delaware's bridal shower on Saturday, so we decided to rest up.

Saturday's shower was about an hour away and started at 2pm. Zumba and I made the trek together. It was fun to see some girls I hadn't seen in quite a while, and to visit with them. I won one of the bridal shower games, and therefore was awarded a prize. Here's a question for you:

If you play a game at a shower and you keep the prize? you give the prize to the bride?

I was always told that you give the prize to the bride. Apparently that isn't how things are done in Smalltown, VA. I always feel really odd taking the prize with me, and usually try to inadvertently leave it there b/c I don't need a prize for bringing my friend a shower gift. I would rather she have it. I left this Saturday's gift under a chair and someone chased out of the house to give it back to me. Oops!

Zumba and I raced back to Smalltown, VA, as we didn't get to leave the shower until 6pm!!! I had Daisy's Birthday Party at 7pm, and Zumba was heading to her mother's house for dinner in an even smaller smalltown, VA location. I was terribly late to Daisy's Birthday Party (I didn't arrive until 8:15), but once I got there we had a WONDERFUL time! There was a great turnout, and we ended the night sitting on the edge of the hot tub dangling our tootsies in the warm water. It really doesn't get any better than that :)

HOWEVER, in the entire weekend of madness....I did not meet one guy. So, I guess I've got to stick with MDC. My life is busy. Non-stop, really. But...there is no opportunity to meet anyone NEW. I don't want someone I already know. I want someone new.........

Here's to hoping the internet gets it's act together soon!


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