Friday, May 1, 2009

Because I'm Irritable at the Moment....

...I'm going to talk about shopping for just a sec. Shopping always makes me happy :)

I'm irritable for a few reasons, but I'm not going to bore you with them. One of them is listed in my previous post, and the other two I'm debating posting about. I'm also really hungry as a result of going out AGAIN last night. I've tried really hard to be "grown up", and to quit going out so much. It's all part of my "find a husband who is worthy" plan. However, yesterday evening after work (as I was driving to my mani/pedi) I found a fortune from a fortune cookie in my console. Oddly enough, I haven't had Chinese food in AGES. So, where did it come from? I haven't a clue. What I do know is that it spoke to me. It said:

"The Night Life is Good For You"

Alrighty then. That's all I needed to hear :) I had a mani and pedi with Barbie & The Voice of Reason, and then proceeded to head to the bar. IN MY YOGA ATTIRE! Yep. It was hot. I didn't care. I'm a bit sleepy, hungry, and grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....all at once. AND...I've got to snap out of it because I am going to dinner and the opera tonight with the girls (MK, WIMP & Efficient With Glasses)!!! I so wish I could find my Eva Franco dress online that I will be wearing tonight. But...once's MIA? What gives? Am I just wearing really bizarre clothes as of late?

So...back to my current shopping spree. Rue La La. I told you it was awesome! Didn't believe me? Snark this:

Lilly Pulitzer "Glenna" White Cable Knit Halter
Originally $158....I swiped it for $49

Lilly Pulitzer Sunshine Yellow Resort Print Pant
Originally $168.....I swiped them for $49

Lilly Pulitzer "Sienna" White Medallion Dress
Originally $328....I swiped it for $79

All in all...I'd say the day is looking up :)



Wendy said...

I love the dress! Super cute and summery :)

Laura said...

ahh love it! wish our lilly store was having a sale, but no such luck. i've been eyeing that glenna top ever since it first came out, i'm jealous!

Jess said...

Those are all so cute, love them! They make me feel like spring/summer weather may really be just around the corner.
Hope you're feeling better - nothing wrong with going out in yoga attire, in my opinion. I find yoga attire is always kind of sexy, really.

Kate said...

I didn't even see the blue and white dress on there! I got those patchwork shorts though :)

DSS said...

Jess...I am cracking up that you said yoga attire is kindove sexy. THREE different guys told me that while I was out. Hysterical! Perhaps that should be my new "going out" look?