Friday, May 15, 2009

Where To Begin?

Okay, so remember how I winked at all those guys on MDC again? Well, I accidentally winked at someone I know and am not so much interested in. Yikes! I saw that we were matched through the Daily 5 or whatever, and went to his profile. I then realized he was someone that my friend Daisy has been going out with off and on, and I met him when they were out one night. I then went to hit "back" or whatever to go back to my matches....AND THEN...I somehow winked at him. How Tacky! I was mortified. I didn't know if I should e-mail him and say "sorry about that, I didn't mean to wink"...or...would that make it worse? So, I sent Daisy a text telling her about my mistake and left it at that. He hasn't winked back, and I'm hoping he doesn't think I'm a weirdo for winking at him when he's clearly interested in Daisy. Ugghh!

I did wink at another guy that looks vaguely familiar. Again...welcome to Smalltown, VA. I see people out, but don't really know them. Some, on the other hand, I meet but don't remember meeting. So many of these MDC people look familiar to me, but I'm not sure if it's from real life...or from seeing their pics on MDC. Anyway, he didn't wink back so who cares...right :)

Okay, now to my incoming e-mails and wink. Remember this guy? Remember that he e-mailed asking for my friend's e-mail addy because he finally wanted to establish contact with her MONTHS after I had first mentioned it? Remember that I e-mailed him back and said "Sorry Charley..she has a FABULOUS boyfriend now and would not be interested"? Yea well, he's e-mailed again. He's now asking if I have any friends in another VA city because he is contemplating moving there. WTF?!?!? Perhaps I should open up my own match making company? Wonder if I could e-mail him back and ask him if he has any CUTE lawyer friends for me? I deleted his e-mail.

Now on to Mykul. Remember him? He asked me what a seersucker was. We'll he's in the ol' inbox again giving me a hard time for not replying the last time. I'm just all of you girls who online date reply to everyone who e-mails? you allow a non-response to count as a "not interested". I just delete the e-mails from the guys I'm not interested in, and call it a day. Am I doing it wrong? Per Mykul I am:

"Wrote you a letter, I believe I told you you're beautiful. If I didn't mention
it, you are. And I said a great deal more. If you're not interested, please tell
me. It's not my favorite thing to hear, but I respect it and can remove you from
my list. Thanks for the courtesy. Sincerely, --Mykul"

So, I guess I will reply and tell him that I am not interested. It's not just that he looks like an emaciated Justin Timberlake. It's not just that he is called Mykul. It's not just that he asked what a seersucker was, and thought it would be cool if I was a "seer". Well.....yes it is. There is just too much weirdness there.

Okay, that's it for follow-ups. The NEXT post will be all about the new stuff :)



Anonymous said...

I can understand him wanting to know you weren't interested but I wouldn't think everyone would... when I was on MDC I clicked the not interested button (or whatever it was called) and he wrote me a VERY nasty email calling me stuck up and that he only wrote me because I seemed nice but he was obviously wrong. So Mykul might just be special... or something :)

DSS said...

PP...that's awful! I had someone write me a nasty e-mail as well, but it was in response to me saying I wasn't interested...hence the reason I stopped replying. I'm not sure there is way to win with some of these people:(

Wendy said...

Like seriously, though, what is he hoping for? "I'm sorry I was just so intimidated by your charming good looks and e-mail prose that it has taken me this long to muster up the courage to e-mail you back."

He must be pretty desperate if he's resorted to hunting down his non-responders!

MCW said...

I usually just ignore...I used to say "not interested" but, it got annyoing and I figured that they get the picture. Although, I do have 2 or 3 repeate offenders who have been winking at me for months.

The Smarter Princess said...

Unless they've committed a serious grammar offense or were entirely inappropriate, I ignore them too. But if he really wants to know you should send him back a detailed message of where he went wrong. I mean, how can you date a guy who doesn't know what seersucker is? Or who at least can't take the time to google it.