Friday, May 15, 2009

This is Exciting!

On to the new stuff.....

Totally Normal Guy
I winked at a guy that I found rather attractive, and that graduated from my university. He is 6'1", never been married, my age, an engineer, has a PhD, lives close by, is close with his family...... All in all he just seems "normal". That kindove freaks me out to be quite honest because most of the people on MDC seem to have some sort of obvious "issue". I sit around trying to decide whether or not I want to go ahead and meet them, and then if I do I can't get away from them fast enough. Now, this guy may be a complete psycho. I get that. However, he just seems very pleasant, and he's sent me an e-mail. It's a nice e-mail, and I'm super excited....I'm not going to lie :)

He's looking for someone who is outgoing (CHECK), likes the outdoors ( long as that doesn't mean major hiking or camping), is intelligent (CHECK) and is humorous (well, I think I'm pretty CHECK).

Now, on to his e-mail:

"Hey T,
Thanks for the wink, you certainly have an amazing smile! It sounds like we might have a great deal in common since we both love being outdoors and active. I like being able to get out on some of the local trails and relax and enjoy nature with my dog, he absolutely loves the exercise. Have you been in the area long enough to find any hikes you like? Did you grow up around here or are you a transplant like I am? I came down here in 1999 for graduate school at Tech and decided I loved this area. The mountains remind me of home and I enjoy all the outdoor things to do. I’m impressed you like fishing, do you go much?
Hope to get to know you better,
Totally Normal Guy"

See?!?!? Totally normal sounding person, right? Yiiipppppeeeee! Okay, I'm going to write him back, although I want to give it some it won't be until later.

Long Shot
The next guy I winked at was a long shot. Has attended "some college" and has listed "other profession" as his profession. Now, MDC lists about 5 million job options, so "other profession" confuses me a bit. The thing is...he was REALLY, REALLY cute :) 6'0", my age, never been married and that's it. He doesn't give much more information than that. He didn't answer any of the questions. He only has one picture. This is all rather interesting, but I'm a sucker for a cute I winked. Well, he's winked back. Here's the thing. I went out on a limb. I winked at him. He should have e-mailed back, right? I know, I know...if a guy winks at me I do just wink back. BUT I'M THE GIRL!!! He was supposed to write me a note. Should I just drop this one? I think I'm going to let him sit for a bit while I continue conversation with The Normal Guy.

The General
Now, this one is a bit more interesting/complicated/possible complete psycho. He's a bit older than me, divorced, no kids, lives somewhere that is about maybe an hour away, smokes cigars, likes antiquing, went to college, was in the military but is not any longer, went to boarding school and then a private military college, AND.....has a picture of himself in a kilt. Don't laugh! I think he sounds charming, and cultured and my mother would adore him. He's also....6'6" :)

I come from a family that is big into antiquing, military schools, smoking cigars....and kilts. Well, maybe not so much into kilts, but my dad said that golfing at St. Andrews was pretty much heaven, and my mother is quirky and likes all things "across the pond", so you know....

He appears to be okay looking, I mean he has 2 pictures and I can't really fully assess the situation. In reading his profile I find him to be honest, if a bit needy. This is what he says in part of it:

"Intelligence and spirituality are important to me. She must a good
communicator and someone who is even tempered and someone who is comfortable in discussing their feelings. Although I have gone through divorce recently, I am looking for someone who will be a companion and a friend first and someone who will guide me and remind when I go astray.The ideal women I am looking for is cosmopolitan without being too self centered and opinionated. Liberals and politcially correct are out for me. She must be able to engage me in a
conversation and to be able to keep me interested. At the sametime I am the
healing process and again am learning to date again."
A little bit of a grammar/spelling issue, but I don't think that is the major problem. He references his "recent divorce" and "healing process" which is pretty much a turn off. I feel quite sure that I could communicate him to death, and the even tempered part...yea...well...most of the time :) As far as being someone who will "guide me and remind when I go astray". WTF does that mean? I can assure you that if I were dating him and he "went astray" I would guide him right out the door. I do consider myself to be somewhat cosmopolitan, as I can navigate both Washington, DC and Manhattan without a map....but I'm from THE SOUTH and that will never change. I'm also a bit self centered, but who the heck else am I supposed to be focusing on at the moment. The opinionated part is also troubling. I do have my opinions. Hmmmm....

He's also sent me an e-mail. Hold your horses, it's an exciting one!

"I just wanted what you are up to."
I know this is terrible, but I really want to reply "Oh....about 5'8" or 5'9"..." Friends...what do YOU think about this one?

And that's it. My inbox in all of it's glory. Better than some days wouldn't you say?



Wendy said...

Normal Guy - yay! Hope that works out. :)

Long shot - hmm. Sometimes you have to give them a little nudge to get them to make a move. Why not go for it? It's scary at first but gets better.

Um and the General? Clearly not articulate. Delete! Hah.

Anonymous said...

Hooray! for normal guy. And he has a dog so he gets extra points in my book!

I'd feel like Long Shot is hiding something since he doesn't answer a lot of the stuff. But if he is that cute an email will probably make you feel better -- you can properly judge him by the way he writes you back.

The General -- He's admitting to "healing". Personally, I wouldn't go there. You can't fix what another person did to him!

Can't wait to hear more about normal guy :)

The Smarter Princess said...

Personally I would only go with Normal Guy. The General is too whiny (healing? Blech. Bad sign.) and wait until the Long Shot emails you. I’m big into making them make the first move. Good luck with Normal though!