Friday, May 15, 2009

The Weekend/Saturday Night Dress

So, tonight I'm contemplating going out or staying in. The weather is acting a bit temperamental, and I'm thinking that this outdoor event I wanted to attend is probably going to be canceled. I've been on a major exercise kick, so I think that going home to exercise then getting ready to head out might be a good plan. I can't stay out too late though because tomorrow is a BIG night in T's world :)

My wine group is having a cocktail party Saturday night, and these cocktails are always tons of fun. I want to be sure I feel 100% for the festivities, hence the early bedtime tonight. I'm also taking a "date". He has informed me that I cannot blog about him, or about his accompanying me to said cocktail party. I think that's funny, so I'm going to do it anyway. Just kidding! Well, not really. Anyway, he's a friend, and I've actually talked about him on this blog before. I've limited my discussion of him due to the fact that he found my blog, and it's always a bit unnerving to talk about someone when you know there is a good chance they are reading it :) So, we will have a lovely time, and he looks good in pictures, so all is well (hahahaha...if you are reading this you will appreciate that comment and not pick on me for writing this...thank you).

I'm torn on which dress to wear tomorrow. You won't believe it, but I've actually been able to locate both dress options online! So, here they are:

(Shoshanna Navy Silk Strapless Beaded Band Dress)

The beads/jewels around the top are GORGEOUS in real life, and I would wear this with silver strappy heels, diamonds and a sparkly cuff. And seriously...who would wear those awful black pumps in the picture with that dress?!?!? Blech!

(Banana Republic Linen Dress with Gold Buckle)

Let me begin by saying that this dress looks 100% better on me than this mannequin. I couldn't believe it was the same dress!! In my world, this dress is worn with a fabulous white and gold large beaded choker necklace, gold strappy sandals and a gold cuff. It's linen, but manages to look quite dressy none the less.

So??? Thoughts???



DC Runner Girl said...

yellow one! the other one is more black tie ish

Wendy said...

I vote yellow, too. The accessories sound so fun!

Anonymous said...

I'm loving the yellow!

paisana said...

Sent you an email re: your comment.

jlmargs said...

i also like the yellow one better but you know that i am LOVING that shade of blue right now....hmmmmm....can you get the yellow one in blue??????????

Polka Dots & Protein Bars said...

Which one did you pick? They are both gorg!

Melia said...

To everyone who voted for the yellow dress- I must say the blue one was gorrrrrgeousss on her Saturday!