Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ted Bundy?

Date #1
I'm rather picky about people I date. I require the following:

1. You be somewhat attractive. At least not offensive to look at.
2. You have a job.
3. You aren't covered in tattoos or piercings.
4. You have all of your teeth.
5. You aren't married or "currently separated".
6. You are taller than me.

I'm 5'9". I know that isn't short, but I that tall (HAM I know you feel me on this one:)? Date #1 (we'll call him Romeo) was 5'7". I made and exception because he looked really cute in his pictures and I thought "hey, I can sacrifice wearing heels for the love of my life".

We talked on the phone once and he expressed his displeasure at my rather busy schedule. I told him we could meet for drinks on election night between my volunteering at the poles until 7pm and my watching the election results at an after party. He agreed. We went to a sushi/martini bar and I was pretty impressed with him. Attractive, educated, well spoken. He was sitting down so I didn't notice the height thing.

Fast forward to 9:30....2 hours for a first date is fine I think. I thank Romeo and tell him I've got to go. "Why can't we order a pizza, go to your house and watch the election together?" he wants to know. WHAT?!?!?! Is he serious? Come to my house? So I politely replied "Romeo, you could be Ted Bundy for all I know. I don't think I want to invite you to my house at this point. Sorry." Perhaps not the most courteous response, but I was insulted. Ick!

***Side friends (any my mother) tell me I'm hypercritical of men and that I expect them to be perfect. They say I need to give every guy 3 chances before I write him off. I think they are nuts!

Romeo asks if we can get together again soon and I say fine. Give me a call. Why do I listen to my friends and my mother?


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