Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Westie Wednesday

Louis spent the last week with TEN.  I was in New York with Barbie, so Louis stayed with TEN. 

Along with Julep.  Barbie's pup. Remember Julep?

TEN kept both of them.

We explained to Louis that Julep would just be staying at his daddy's house for a few days.  Because her daddy also had to be out of town, and that we were not bringing Julep to live with us forever.  I've found that clarifying this will sometimes help Louis manage his anxiety.

TEN said that Louis was adamant that they all watch the Virginia Tech game.  Julep was not interested, and Louis could not understand.  TEN sent me this photo of Louis after Julep left the room and flung herself on the kitchen floor.

I truly believe that Louis loves Julep.  But he is an only pup.  And he is used to being an only pup.  For example, TEN sent me the following text at one point:

"He says that's fine, he just wants Julep to stay off of his bed, stop stealing his treats and eating his food.  He isn't pleased."

Nothing personal against Julep, you see, he's just tired of sharing.  It can be overwhelming to have to share that much.  I'm an only child.  I understand.

When Julep's daddy came to retrieve her, apparently Louis fell into a deep, deep sleep.  TEN sent me the following picture:

And so, in a nutshell...Louis had a fine week.  Just fine.  He was slightly irritated that I did not return from my travels with a new toy for him, but I think he has forgiven me at this point.  He simply has too many toys!  I have tried to sneak a few from the basket to take to the poor pups, but he always catches me.

Until next week.....

Westie Licks,

T & Louis


Sports-O-Nista said...

I understand. I'm an only child, and my kitty is an only child and she wouldn't want an interloper coming around.

PS I think you should get Louis one of these collars:

I personally think the Bump and Run in Hydrangea would look divine on him!

Dee Stephens said...

So freaking funny!! Julep looks like Sass's dog Josie!

Anonymous said...

Love, Love Your Westie!
Thanks for always keeping us posted on his adorable adventures!

Glad you had such a great summer!

beachside cottage

Ann said...

As an only pup, Duke can relate to how Louis feels :)

Hoke said...

You had so much fun I bet!!!!!