Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Babies + Exercise + Murder = Happiness :)

Hi there!  Me again :)  Just popping in to say Happy Valentine's Day, and to give you a little update.  

For those of you who don't know, mrs.mfc gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on Tuesday, February 7.  Both mrs.mfc and baby Reid are home and settled in.   I had the chance to visit with both of them yesterday, and let me just tell you....that sweet baby captured my heart <3

(please notice how Reid has placed his head on his hand while having a little rest :)

I know mrs.mfc will have lots to share about the new addition to she and B's life, but I wanted to let you all know that they are healthy, happy and home safe and sound!

Louis and I have become a bit co-dependent.  It's terribly unhealthy, and I realize that.  Feel free to make fun.  It's okay.  Really. 

He cannot be further than 1 foot from me at any given moment.  I woke up to this little face this morning.....

I think I need to take him to doggy daycare more often so that he remembers what it's like to not have me there all of the time.  We have started to communicate through looks & sounds.  Seriously.  It's a bit creepy.

(TEN attempting to dance with Louis.  hmmm...perhaps I'm not the only one who's off their rocker lately?)

I continue to apply to for jobs that I am completely unqualified for, but that intrigue me.  Jobs that I would feel honored to have.  A career that I would throw myself into, 100%.  I know that it is possible to have such a thing, because I once did.  And then things changed. 

Currently I'm doing a bit of consulting/event planning/helping for a local organization, and I'm loving it!  I researched a potential opportunity for said organization just last week, and it felt great to be planning something "fun" again :)  I'm going to be working very PT for this organization in another role in the near future as well.  I see no reason why I shouldn't gain a little bit of experience, and a little bit of a paycheck, while I'm deciding what I want to be when I grow up!

I'm also working to help plan a fundraising dinner for our local Republican Committee.   And I'm giving friends rides to and fro when needed.  And I'm re-organizing my house. 

(Louis helping me "work" from home)

Basically, I'm giving myself another month to find something that falls into the category of "dream job".  If I don't find it, I'll go back to applying for those jobs that I'm quite sure I'll get.  Because they fall into the category of exactly what I've been doing.  For ages.

Friends, I cannot tell you how blissfully happy I am.  I am so very thankful that I had the opportunity to walk away from such unhappiness.  For the last year or so I've been terribly scattered.  I've not really been "present" when spending time with friends.  Or family.  I've just been "getting by".  Going from one event to the next.  One day to the next. 

(me thoroughly enjoying PJ Brunch Club on Super Bowl Sunday.  don't you just ADORE my westie/scottie PJs?  one of my loves gave them to me for Christmas!)

I was so terribly tired all of the time.  I thought that perhaps I was just getting older, and more tired?  WRONG.  I was very unhappy, and stressed and felt trapped.  It's just that.....well....I didn't realize it.  How is that possible? 

I feel like myself again :)  I listen when people talk.  My mind doesn't wander.  I am living in the moment.  Enjoying the present.  Not worrying about the future one bit.  This is the way life should be.  Don't you agree?  Now, if only I could win the lottery.....

Every morning.  Well, maybe not EVERY morning.  I think I've skipped one or two.  BUT...I've also exercised twice in one day.  Mmmm-huh.  True fact.  I'm getting F-I-T.

Let's take yesterday for example.  Up at 8:00 (after snuggling with Louis in the bed for approximately 20 minutes ;), onto the treadmill for 50 minutes.  Then, into the shower.  Dressed and out the door to visit mrs.mfc & Baby Reid.  Visited for 1.5 hours, then off to another friends to drop something off.  Which turned into an hour visit.  And then dry cleaning, gas fill up, etc.  Oh my!  It's almost 4:30.  I have a 4:30 date with Barbie and her Dance Central Kinect.  We dance for an hour, and then it's time for a cocktail. 

Do you see where I'm coming from?  I don't know about you, but I can't really imagine a life any better than this one I'm living.   Well, the lottery would make it a bit better I suppose :)  A trip to Greece for Valentine's Day?  Or Prague?  Or....  Well, yes.  The lottery would make it a lot better.  But for today, I am so very thankful for what I have.  And for what the future has to offer.  It's exciting isn't it?  The winds of change...... 

Tonight TEN is cooking supper for Valentine's Day.  I'm very excited.  He has informed me that I may want to bring my camera.  Supper is going to be THAT spectacular.  Wow :) 

Friday night my women's wine group, and our dates, are going to a local winery for a Murder Mystery Dinner.  I'm supposed to be called Jasmine, and should wear all black.  I supposedly play the rock violin in a band (~hysterical giggles coming from me at this point~).  TEN is also in said band, and wears all black too.  However, his day job is to work in a musical book store of sorts.

I cannot think of any two characters LESS like TEN and I, but alas....we shall dress in all black (I am also going to wear a black wig) and have a lovely time no doubt!  BFF's husband's character is a snake charmer, and another friend's husband is a jockey.  Definitely not a night to forget the camera.

TEN's birthday is Monday.  We are going to celebrate his birthday Saturday night at a local pub.  Dinner & drinks with friends.  I've purchased him a lovely birthday gift, with the help of a dear friend (thank you dear friend...you know who you are :).

So, there you have it.  That's what has been going on here at Seersucker Central.  I dare say I've been a crap friend to most of you.  Terrible about being in touch, and even a bit shady when it comes to reading your blogs.  I've become a bit self centered in my temporary retirement, perhaps?  Regardless, please know that I adore each and every one of you.  Truly.  And one day I'll be back to my old self.  Gossiping up a storm, and doing so regularly. 

Don't give up on me....



Sports-o-Nista said...

Welcome back to the blogosphere friend:-)

Fash Boulevard said...

totally had to double take on the title. lol. so fun. amazing post, love. I hope you have a fabulous Valentines Day. if you get a sec, I'd love to hear what you think of my latest. xo


Preppy Girl Meets World said...

Welcome back dear. :)

Dee Stephens said...

My favorite part of this post? Ten telling you to bring your camera to dinner.
Blog hubs and boyfriends are awesome!

Annie said...

Oh I hope you have so much fun tonight!! I bet TEN has something special planned!

Life happens, don't beat yourself up over not reading blogs!

Twenty Something Blonde said...

I'm just going to tell you I'm jealous of your life right now. That's all :)

Ann said...

nice to see you back. Happy Valentines Day. Can't wait to see pictures of the spectacular dinner Ten is cooking you :)

REBrown said...

Tell mrs.mfc congrats! I hope you had a great Valentine's day.

Ashley said...

That dinner sounds like SOOOO Much fun! I would love to do that. Glad you are staying so busy on your little job search vaca. I hope you find your dream job soon! AND GET IT!

MCW said...

OMG!!!!!!!!! MFC had her baby??? I was waiting to hear! Please tell hr I said congrats and I can't wait to hear all about the munchkin. He is adorable.

And you sound very, very happy!

Unknown said...

Don't feel bad...Daisy and I have that same relationship. She is super co-dependent.
Glad to hear (and see) about MFC's new arrival. Precious!
You get it, girl, with your dance moves. Happy Little Friday!

Jenny DB said...

I forgot our boys have the same bday and same name. so freaking weird :-) sounds like life has been wonderful! mr. L needs therapy?

Deviled Megs said...

Loving this post -- so happy you are happy and living in the moment!

The Bee Charmer said...

Hey! Good to have you back. I'm so happy that you're taking this time for yourself. You will NEVER regret it.

how i met your father blog said...

i'm so glad that you're getting your life in order and getting yourself happy and together. it's a great feeling, i'm sure!

Unknown said...

I'm so glad you are enjoying life so much! I'm so excited for mrs mcf, my little guy was born the day after him, it's a wild ride, I'm glad they are doing well! Keep us posted on your adventures!

The Defunct Curator said...

It was great to get caught up with everything! I feel like my dog and I have entered into an unhealthy co-dependent situation as well! It's so hard when they're so cute.

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