Monday, July 25, 2011

How Talking About Accents Can Lead to Hitler

A week ago TEN and I were driving back from Charleston.  I was driving, and TEN was trying to find interesting things to tell me on his iPhone.   I get bored easily, and I need to be entertained if I'm driving.  It's the downfall of asking me to drive.  Otherwise, I'd be reading my book and I'm a GREAT passenger :)

(i googled "couples driving in a car".  strangely enough, there were no women driving.  ever.  imagine that.  so here's the best i could do.  in our world it was TEN pushing all of the buttons on the dash board.  and i was the guy with grey hair snarking at him to stop.)

Anyway, TEN was trying to entertain me (bless his little heart) and somehow we began talking about accents.  How much of one I have.  How his family in Arizona think he sounds like a redneck.  Funny, because I don't think he's got an accent at all compared to me.  Lord only knows what they would have to say after meeting me :-o

But I digress.


And the next thing I know, this goes down:

TEN:  The rain, in Spain, comes mostly from the plains!
T: Ummm, what?
TEN:  The rain, in Spain, comes mostly from the plains!
T: I heard you the first time.  Are you having a seizure or something?  What does that mean?
TEN:  From that movie.  You know.  The one where that trashy girl inherits some money and they have to help her sound proper.
T:  Ummmm.  No.  I have no idea what you are talking about.
TEN:  Yes you do.  I watched it in school.  And she says that over and over and then she sounds like this (said with his fancy pants British accent) "THE RAIN, IN SPAIN, COMES MOSTLY FROM THE PLAINS!"

**While searching for this saying, I discovered that it is actually "The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain!".  Close enough.

So, back to the iPhone he goes and discovers that it is from My Fair Lady
Which I have never seen.  How can I not have seen it?  I don't know.  I also haven't seen The Sound of Music.  Quel horreur!  I know, I know. 
So both movies are going into the Netflix queue.  Now that I have some understanding of what they are both about, I feel as if I should experience them.  After all, this whole time I just thought The Sound of Music was a dumb movie about a musical family who lived on a mountain and danced and sang all of the time.  Somewhat like The Partrdge Family?  How was I to know Hitler was involved?  And they were trying to sneak across the border?  Sheesh. That's good stuff.

Are there any movies you haven't seen? Movies that feel you SHOULD have seen at this point, but simply haven't? Do tell!



MCW said...

Well...I have seen all 3 of those, but have never seen Breakfast at Tiffanys!

Jess said...

This post taught me that I really want to hear your accent :)

Ashley said...

hha- I am not a fan of "old" movies, but I think I saw sound of music at one stage in my life.
As far as accents- Andrew obviously has one, and I always have to translate for the rednecks around here :)

Ann said...

There are tons of movies I've never seen.

Anonymous said...

I just saw Office Space a few months ago. I also haven't seen Pretty in Pink or Sixteen Candles.

Caroline said...

Star Wars. People almost get mad at me when I admit that! I've watched some of the first one, but I just cannot for the life of me get into them.

REBrown said...

I always feel guilty because I hate the Sound of Music. i feel like everyone loves it but me.

I've never seen any of the Harry Potter movies....and I don't really want to.

MLD said...

Ironically enough I am sitting here listening to the Sound of Music soundtrack on my iPod. It is my favorite movie of all time!!