Thursday, July 28, 2011

Water is Life! (unless you are a blackberry)

Ahh...bliss!  Gorgeous weather.  Sitting outside on the patio with friends.  Enjoying a hurricane:

And then...


I picked up my blackberry to check to see if I had a message, and it wasn't working.  At the same time I realized there was quite a bit of water dripping off of the back of my blackberry.  I took the back off, and BAM!  Water was coming out of the battery area.  EGADS!  What to do?

I read somewhere, once upon a time, that taking out the battery and putting both the phone and battery in a bag of rice over night would solve the problem.  The rice would absorb the water and your phone would work again. 

Was that possible? 

(disclaimer - NONE of these photos are mine.  looks like i'm not the only person who has had this problem!!)

The restaurant where we were enjoying cocktails has become a regular spot for us.  They know what we like to drink.  They know we are fine, upstanding citizens of Smalltown, VA.  They know that we are good patrons.  And therefore...they brought me a bag of rice :) 

Everyone laughed at me.  Most were quite skeptical.  All I know is that this morning when I cam downstairs to check on my blackberry I was able to send the following message to E & M:

"Good Morning Ladies!  Let me just say....wet blackberry + bag of rice = WINNING!!  Had a great time last night :)"

So, in a nutshell.....IT WORKS! 

Spread the word.



MCW said...

I have heard this, but thank goodness have never had to try it. So glad you are back in business...Carbs are good for something.

Annie said...

WOW! So glad you got it to work again!

Annie said...

And PS - have another drink! ;) At least I hope you did!

Tote said...

I have heard of that rice thing. So glad it worked out for you. You are too funny with that "winning thing"!


Alexandra Bee Blog said...

Hahaha, I love it! I have heard that rice trick too and am glad to know it really works!

Unknown said...

so glad the trick worked for you! That drink looks divine... I seriously keep forgetting I'm pregnant, I really want a fun fruity drink!

Jenny DB said...

This has totally worked for me before :-)

Life Through Preppy Glasses said...

cant believe this actually worked! Good now if my Blackberry ever has a little incident like this

Ashley said...

I have had to use the rice ON SEVERAL occasions with phone/bb and camera. 2 weeks ago- the rice helped but the keys were already friend so Verizon sent me a new one. They didnt know it was water damage was the cause of keys writign the wrong thing :)