Monday, August 1, 2011

In The Middle of it All I Had "A Moment", Of Course :)

Friday evening TEN and I headed into Richmond, VA for the wedding weekend.  We ended up at a fun Irish Pub:

I didn't take any pictures here, and couldn't find any online!  Here is a painting of the pub though, and it's pretty accurate.

TEN's mom and sister met us here for a drink.  Then TEN's sister and her boyfriend took TEN and I to another Richmond, VA bar.  Definitely a good time :)

The next day was TEN's dad's birthday.  So, we were up early to spend some time with his dad and his wife before the 2pm wedding.  We met at The Jefferson Hotel, because we were staying right next to it.  I have been to The Jefferson before, but didn't know about the alligators!

From 1901 until 1948, live alligators lived in the hotel’s Palm Court fountains. It is rumored that the alligators were left in the hotel by travelers, who originally purchased the gators as pets while on vacation in Florida. However, before leaving, the vacationers decided to leave the alligators to the hotel.

The alligators did not always stay in the fountains. They often sought alternative lounging locations. In the early 1900s, bellmen would enter The Jefferson in the morning to find the alligators reclining on the hotel’s fine furniture. The bellmen’s daily morning routine sometime included chasing the alligators off the furniture and back into the water of the fountains. (from The Jefferson Hotel website)

Of course I had to have "a moment" on "the staircase":

The Jefferson Hotel’s grand staircase has been rumored to be the model for the famed staircase in Gone With the Wind. Richmonders still encourage the rumor since the likeness between the two staircases is, quite frankly, hauntingly similar.

After our history lesson, we headed to Chez Foushee for lunch, and it was DELISH!  If you are ever in Richmond, VA I strongly recommend you stop in :)  I had the Roast Turkey Sandwich with lettuce, tomato, mayo, bacon and cheddar cheese on flatbread.  Mmmmm.....

Then it was time to get ready for the wedding.  I'm embarrassed to say that I don't have a single picture of TEN and I at the wedding :(  We did take ONE together, but I looked like I had a pooch so I deleted it.  I was sure we'd have another.  No such luck.

But we looked fabulous.  Really.  We did.  Just go with that.

I ended up wearing THE SPARKLY SHOES!!!  And guess what friends, I was almost under dressed.  Can you fathom?  There was a girl there in a strapless hot pink gown with a tulle skirt.  It was very much a "cocktail" feel, but didn't specify cocktail attire on the invite.  Which was odd.  For a 2pm wedding.

But was great fun and I didn't feel over dressed and I met all of TEN's friends and we had a lovely time.    Here's a shot I took of his "group" from high school:

Lord only knows what they are up to here:

After the reception we went to another bar/restaurant to continue celebrating.  TEN hadn't eaten at the reception (I think he was having too much fun catching up with everyone), so he ordered THIS at the restaurant:

(these were Irish Nachos.  TEN said they were divine.  i wanted to eat them so badly, but had on a skin tight dress and couldn't eat anything.  waaahhhhh)

(soft pretzel with cheesy beer sauce)
Looks like all the guys were hungry!
We sat out on the patio for a while longer, and then TEN and I caught a cab back to our hotel.  We had a long day, and needed to get up early to head back to Smalltown, VA for PJ Brunch Club the next morning!
The Voice of Reason & Mr. Swiss were hosting PJ Brunch Club this time, and it was TEN's first experience with the Swiss Brunch that they treat us to.  There was NO WAY we were missing this :)
(homemade breads)

(fresh meats and cheeses and eggs and pickles, etc....)

(fancy potions to pour on our meats and cheeses and eggs and such)

(the girls)

(the guys)
Then then we were off to pick up this little guy!
We spent the rest of the evening on the couch :)


Jenny DB said...

That is such a fabulous picture of TEN and you. LIke, best yet!!! LOVE IT!

Tote said...

Looks like you both had a wonderful time! Like the pic of you and ten. That was a beautiful Hotel. Full weekend!


MCW said...

What a perfect weekend. Sounds like you were running all around. Are you exhausted?
And love that pic of you and TEN!

Annie said...

Adorable!!!! Glad yall had fun and your shoe dilemma sounds like it worked out perfectly!

Life Through Preppy Glasses said...

looks so fun! and im loving that "moment" on the staircase...its pretty a major

Jess said...

Agreeing with others - I love that picture of you and TEN. Let's face it: you're such a hot couple!!

Glad you got to wear the sparkly shoes!! I was such a fan of the idea.

Ann said...

what a great weekend. I would have needed the couch way sooner after all you did :)

Claire said...

SOOOO many things to say about this fabulous post about my city!!! Glad you had an awesome time! I love getting drinks at the Jeff! And Penny Lane/Chez Foushee are def some of our faves! Glad you had a fabulous time!

REBrown said...

The nachos and the pretzels looks delicious. You can pretty much call anything a nacho and I will eat it!

BBQ nachos are the best!

Caroline said...

UMMM where is that restaurant with those nachos!?!?! I am going to Richmond in November (so far away) and will be forcing people to go with me there. Looks so so good.

I'm so happy you had fun and were appropriately attired-they look like a fun group!

Ashley said...

Agree with Jenny and M- GREAT pic of you too!! So happy!
And- Dee just did a post on that hotel when she went there recently. I knew the shoes would be fine :)

Bronwen said...

Agree that the pic is amazing, and yay sparkly shoes!

Can we see a detail of the green necklace, AND your espadrilles in the stair moment? They look awesome!

MLD said...

TEN has such studly friends! And the two of you look gorg in that photo! :)

Katie, Julep and Derby's Mom said...

Great post, great photo's! Love the one of you and Ten - that's a framer!!! No grass grows under your feet - can't wait to see what you guys are up to this weekend!

Hugs to you and westie Louis.


Dee Stephens said...

We went to that Irish bar with everyone after Brad's cousin's rehearsal dinner.
Good times.
You saw my post on the J. Hotel. Lovely..
And... what did I tell you about the South and afternoon weddings? You NEVER know what people are going to wear.
I would rather be overdressed!

Anonymous said...

I want to plan a trip just to see that hotel! Looks like you had a fantastic time!