Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Polly Positive vs. Nelly Negative

Irene caused quite a stir on the East Coast over the weekend.  I'm sure that's not news to you :)  Smalltown, VA was not in the path to get pummeled, but still....I was cautious about my plans for the White Party.  I messaged everyone and told them that as of Tuesday, the party was a go.  On Friday after work I headed to Sam's with a positive attitude.  No rain in the forecast for us!

Saturday morning TEN mowed my front yard while I organized everything in the basement.  The sky was a bit overcast, but nothing to be worried about.  You think I'm kidding?  Look here at the boys on Saturday afternoon:

(excuse the white sheets.  i use these to cover my white couch when it's just us.  if i don't cover it with something, dirty little paw prints find their way onto my cushions!)

And so, at 5pm I was showered and ready.  We headed to the store for ice, and TEN started icing down the beer.  I had made the cocktails, and was bring the containers onto the back porch.  I had put out the umbrella, the cushions and the table cloth. 

And then...

It began to rain :(

I cried.  I'm not above admitting it.  I literally cried.  And my hair was ruined.  And I cursed the sky, and shook my fist. 

And then I felt like a total jerk...because I was crying about some rain.  People had lost their lives in this storm!  How selfish of me!  I felt compelled to take this photo to cheer myself up.  It's a photo of the good use I've put my new treadmill to :)

And then I went inside and dried my hair.  And I got re-ready.  And people started to arrive.  And I decided that it would be an inside White Party.  What the heck!

And then....

It stopped raining :)

(please notice the ghetto bruise on my arm from our white water rafting trip the prior weekend.  blech!)

So there you have it.  I wish I could say that the White Party went off without a hitch.  But it didn't. 

In the end though, I think everyone had a good time.  Quite a few people didn't come.  They had RSVP'd that they would be there, but they didn't show.  They are off the list for next year.  Some people called to ask if they could come, and then still didn't show up.  They are also off the list for next year :)

In the end...the people who count most were there.  And THAT made me happy.

Here's to being a Polly Positive!



Life Through Preppy Glasses said...

ill be on the guest list for next year! haha. I cant stand when people RSVP and dont show up...so annoying.

glad you had fun!

Annie said...

Glad you guys had fun despite the chaos of the weather.

Please tell me that cart at Sam's is not hitting your mercedes!!!

Sports-O-Nista said...

"Off the list"....how very Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil of you!

Dee Stephens said...

I hate people flaking. It's truly one of my big pet peeves!!
Looks fun!!

Unknown said...

I'm sorry, someone called to invite themselves? The ones who were a no-show better have a dang good reason for ditching. Looks like a blast. We hardly got a drop from that eye sore, Irene.
PS--I'm sure the bruise was worth it!

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

yah! im glad it worked out in the end!! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

Anonymous said...

Glad the rain stopped for you! And people flake here in Cali all the time. I've gotten so used to it, it's scary. Now, I just estimate about 1/2 of the Yes's will actually show up, and I'm usually right. Just a sad reality of the laid-back-mellow lifestyle!

Looks like that treadmill is getting some great use to me! ;)

Ann said...

glad to hear it turned out ok and you had a good time

Tote said...

Well T, looks like everything turned out great. You are right about the people that were there, they are your friends.

That bruise looks awful, I bet it hurts. So much for rafting!


REBrown said...

After what sounds like a pretty terrible start it looks like it was a great party!

Katie, Julep and Derby's Mom said...

Just catching up on your blog since things have been busy around here - looks like everyone had a great time at your white party - and Louis fit right in - guess he was the 'theme westie' for the night ... All the best and take good care, Katie

noone said...

sounds like you had a great party after all! and that's a lot of booze haha

Ashley said...

You know how I feel about RSVP'ing!! RUDE and they SHOULD be off the list!! My friend was telling me this weekend that people have rsvp'd NO to her wedding but then told other family members they are going! AND, one copule rsvp'd 2 plus baby, but babies and kids are NOT invited. Ugh. READ the invitations people.
LOVE the way you used the treadmill!! hahaha. I think the party looks super fun and fantastic.

how i met your father blog said...

i'm glad the rain stopped!! your dress looks cute, but i need a full body shot!

love jenny xoxo said...

I'm glad everything turned out alright for the party! It's always a bummer when people are no-shows though... but it's their own fault they missed out on the fun!


Claire said...

Way to be a positive Polly! I'm jealous y'all's rain stopped because we lost our power for a week and it rained for like 12 hours that day! Nightmare!

Anonymous said...

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