Monday, December 5, 2011

Now That That's Over With...

I have been remiss in chronicling my life as of late.  One would assume that it was due to me being so busy living.  One would be incorrect.  I've just been too busy being lazy ;)  But I've earned it!

The Saturday after Thanksgiving I hosted a little Va Tech/UVA game day get together.  I do this every year, since most of us don't make it to the game.  This year TEN and I made the following snacks for the party:

TEN's Homemade Turkey Chili
T's Stuffing Fritters
Potato Croquettes
Red Pepper Jelly over Cream Cheese w/Triscuits
Taco Cheese Ball

Of course we were so busy making these tasty treats that I forgot to take pictures.  But believe me, the house was decked out...and the treats were delish!

The Real Housewife of Charleston, and Mr. Charleston, came to the game party...and look here at what they brought me!!

Isn't that the cutest??!?!?!  It's an ornament for the tree, with Louis' little picture in it.  Louis is snuggled up in that blanket that TRHoC game me for Christmas last year. The one with westies and scotties all over it.  Presh little muffin :)  She printed the photo off of the computer, put it in that adorable ornament and hung it around a bottle of Pinot Noir.  Be still my heart!  (you see why we are such good friends!)

slively and his wife and son came over for the game.  They brought me a prize as well!  I was so spoiled, and there was definitely a theme emerging:

I think everyone is pretty sure that you cannot go wrong with a a bottle of wine and a dog :)  Not sure what that says about me, but that's okay!

The next day, Sunday, was mrs.mfc's baby shower.  It was a lovely event, but pictures of my own :(  Bad, bad T.  I pilfered a few from Marilyn Monroe...

I spent much time last week on my:

And I'm pretty proud of myself, to tell you the truth.  I do not like exercise one bit, but I've got the stereo set up in the basement.  I get home from work and turn that sucker up to high, grab my 3lb hand weights (shush it!  no giggling!) and go to town on that treadmill!  It feels great :)

Friday night BFF and I went to my absolute favorite restaurant in Smalltown, VA.  I always split the scallop appetizer with my dinner date, and then order the filet oscar.  Always.  I also always clean my plate.  Only this time...

I was slightly devastated, and requested a to go box.  WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON HERE?!?!?!?  I have never been unable to finish off what I deem to be the most perfect meal in the world.  NEVER.  Until Friday night :( 

TEN was a happy camper, as he enjoyed my doggy bag.....  He did share some with Louis.  Louis & TEN eating my prized fielt oscar.  Hmph.  Well, at least it didn't go to waste....

Saturday night was our wine club's Christmas Party!  Always a festive occasion, and always hosted by mrs.mfc.  She and mr.mfc are such wonderful hosts, and the food and decor is always beyond fantastic :)

(TEN and I at the party.  what do you think of his Novembeard?)

(BFF, me, The Voice of Reason, Barbie)

(me, the girls......, mrs.mfc)

Now...I should be all caught up.  Well, except for the fact that I won a SHABBY APPLE DRESS GIVEAWAY!!!  Eeeekkksss!!!  *squeals and dances around with joy*

Do you know Barefoot in the Park?  If not you probably should.  She's presh as can be (and she has a very clever pup.  as in he can do tricks and such.  srsly).  She also hosted an Amaaaaaaaaaaaazing giveaway earlier this month.  A dress from Shabby Apple was up for grabs, and if you haven't figured it out by now....THIS lucky girl won!

I went back and forth, and all around, and these were my final top 3 choices:

It was a VERY tough decision, but I decided on the Gondola Dress!!  I cannot wait for it to arrive :)

And THAT's all folks. 

All caught up and ready to face the week.  A week of Christmas Tree putting up, Christmas decorating, Angel Tree shopping and a weekend of The Newlywed Game & a Christmas Cocktail Crawl. 

Gotta love the holidays!!




Dee Stephens said...

I like the 2nd dress! Love Ten's beard too!
I have several holiday gatherings that I need outfits for!

Annie said...

You have been busy! Super cute gondola dress...I see you in that!

MCW said...

I like how the pregnant lady holds the wine party's soiree! Ha.

The dress you chose if my favorite!

Ashley said...

I cant believe you have been using your treadmill? wow. ANd I like your jacket. My mom just gave me one of her old ones because mine is still too small this winter for me to wear :( I am so happy movember is over. I like some scruff but I did not like what Andrew had going on. He didnt even raise THAT much money for men's health-the whole point of it!

Ann said...

I hate to admit this but your being lazy is busier than my being

REBrown said...

The cheese ball sounds amazing and all those dresses are so cute. I've been wanting to win one of those giveaways for a while.

Meg said...

I love the Gondola dress...great pick!!!

Caroline said...

The Gondola dress is definitely my favorite of the three so I am glad you got it!! pictures when it arrives, pretty please!