Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cowboy Boots & Tacos

Hey y'all!

I'm back :)

What a whirlwind this last one and a half weeks has been!

Texas was great fun.  I went to San Antonio and meandered along the Riverwalk:

And then I didn't see the light of day again for 4 days.  Just kidding.  It wasn't QUITE that bad.  We did have 6:30AM staff meetings every morning.  We were on our feet for something like 16 hours a day.  We did have to wine and dine clients and partners at dinner into the wee hours.  BUT, I did have the opportunity to enjoy numerous margaritas, and quite a few tasty Texas steaks :) 

I also had the honor of attending a session where Condoleezza Rice spoke.  She's fabulous.  I always knew she was brilliant, of course, but I hadn't a clue how damn funny she is!  I think it is a great gift to be able to speak intelligently about so many world issues, and then to make a joke so that those around you also feel comfortable in your presence.  I am definitely a fan :)  I also have a copy of her book.  Signed.  Don't ask how I managed that, because I'll never tell...

Tuesday night I got to see Bill Cosby's "stand up" event.  It was hysterical.  The man is something like 73 years old (he told us, I just can't remember), and he hasn't lost it.  Not one bit.  I was worried that maybe he had.  And it would be sad.  But I should have known better. 

I laughed until I cried.  On more than one occasion.

Both of these experiences were courtesy of my company's conference.  They never cease to impress. 

I do think I may have overdone it on the margaritas while in Texas.  When I woke up Wednesday morning I had cankles.  No.  Scratch that.  It was more than just cankles.  My feet, ankles and calves were swollen beyond recognition.  No bones could be isolated.  Just one big puff of skin.  I had to wear flip flops to our morning meeting.  My feet wouldn't fit into any of my shoes :(  It was terrible.  I'm blaming the excessive salt around the rims of my margarita glasses.  It's the only explanation.  It surely can't have anything to do with our rockstar night on the town Tuesday night.  Can it?

(all of the "cool kids" from the office)

(Mel, J & the Brit)

(Mel, me & the Brit.  check out the irritable smoker behind us!)

(the Brit starting out her "fist pump".  she's originally from Jersey.  go figure)

Louis missed me terribly while I was away.  He sent me a picture text message and told me so:

When I arrived back in Smalltown, VA he had almost begun to think I had abandoned him forever :(  He was so shocked to hear my voice, and to see my face, that he wasn't quite sure what to do:

(could it be?   my.....mummy?!??!?!)

He climbed up on top of me and wouldn't come down.  He fell asleep on top of me, actually....

...which made Wednesday night's cooking class a little difficult ;) 

I'll tell you all about what we cooked....NEXT.



An American Girl in London said...

AHAHAH beat the beat!! amazing post.

Dee Stephens said...
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Dee Stephens said...

Love the pix of Louis!Great to finally meet you!

Ann said...

Looks like a great trip even if there was work involved.
I can only imagine how excited Louis was. I know how Duke gets when I've just been gone for the day

Mel said...

HAHAHA! Great pictures T! I had forgotten about that poor crawfish along the riverwalk! WTF?!?!


MCW said...

I love, love, love Bill Cosby. The Cosby Show was one of the only shows growing up I was allowed to watch. AND I was was lucky enough to run into him in Rockefeller Center a few years ago. He was sooo nice.

we hate you. love, us said...

oh my gosh, you saw Bill Cosby?! I love him! The Cosby Show still remains one of my favs.

how i met your father blog said...

i was missing my weekly louis photos!!