Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Down Time

I came home from San Antonio with visions of massages, and pedicures and lounging on the couch with the puppy in my head.  Whatever was I thinking?

Clearly I had to get myself in gear for cooking class THE NIGHT I ARRIVED HOME.  Yep.  No rest for the weary.  Daisy hosted this week, and we made stuffed shells.  DELISH!

Marilyn Monroe and Daisy picked me up at the airport.  Marilyn was ready with her camera.  I look a mess, so please excuse:

It was so much fun having them pick me up!  It was as if I had been gone for a month.  They both jumped out of the car and ran over and hugged me.  We laughed, and I showed them my cankles.  Everyone at the airport must have thought I had come to visit 2 long lost friends.  But it's always like that with my friends.  Even if it's only been a few days.  We always act like sorority girls who haven't seen each other since last year's homecoming game :)

On to Daisy's house where cooking class was awaiting us! 

(I brought a little bit of Texas back with me)

(stuffing the shells with a spinach & cheese mixture)


(all dressed and ready to go!)

(the finished product)

If any of you want a recipe that I've talked about, just let me know.  We keep them all in our very own little cooking class recipe books.  Daisy bought them for us :) 

(covered in puppies of course!)

After cooking class I headed home, only to remember that I had scheduled a doctor's appointment the next morning at 9:30AM Grrr....  So much for sleeping in.  BUT...I'm so glad I went.  More on that later...

Thursday night it was chilly.  I decided that I wanted to make my college roommate's lasagna.  I haven't made it since college, and I remember it being absolutely glorious.  Turns out I remembered correctly.  It is like no other lasagna I have ever had. 

(pardon me.  is there some food up there somewhere??).

(ahem...could i see, please?)

(the finished product)

(ground beef, spicy sausage, ricotta, mozzarella, cottage cheese, spices...)

(just a tiny taste?  PLEASE!)

Needless to say, I've been eating leftovers for a while :)

Friday I ran errands, and packed for Charlotte.  Yes, I went to Charlotte, NC for the weekend.  So much for "down time".

Am I crazy?  Probably.  But it was worth it.  AND....I met a fellow blogger IN PERSON!  She is just as precious as I knew she would be, and I'll tell you all about that...NEXT.



Dee Stephens said...

look at you! Cooking machine!!! Thanks..great to meet you too!

BelleinBows said...

Those stuffed shells look amazing.

Ann said...

love the cowboy hat, too cute.
the stuffed shells and lasagna both look delicious. made me hungry for them.
Duke wants to know if Louis ever got a taste

MCW said...

OMG. That looks SOOOO freaking good. I want it now.

Pink Champagne said...

Yum-mie! That looks amazing - and I absolutely adore your aprons!

we hate you. love, us said...

That looks AMAZING!!! I want to take cooking classes simply to eat all the delicious food.

how i met your father blog said...

your cooking nights always look so delicious!!!

Jess said...

LOVE the vino glass from C&B! I have a set, too ;) They make me feel very trendy! :) haha...

Anonymous said...

Both the lasagna and the stuffed shells look amazing!