Thursday, December 2, 2010

Seersucker Suite Movie Review - The Wolfman

Remember that I watched The Wolfman last weekend?  I am just now getting the chance to tell you about it.  All this traveling around is really interfering with my blogging.  Boo hiss.

Now, did you ever watch that Sleepy Hollow movie?  The one with Johnny Depp?  If you did, and you liked it, you will really like The Wolfman too.  It has that same "grey" overtone to it.  Very dark and overcast in appearance.  Taking place in 1891, and full of mystery and intrigue.   Legend and lore ruled the talk in the taverns, and anything that could not be explained was attributed to ghouls and goblins.  And sometimes.  Just sometimes.  Those legends turn out to be true...

I'm sure the story of the "the wolfman" isn't new to any of us.  The movie itself is a re-make of the 1941 production.  Because I'm obsessed with England, old and new, I ate this movie up.  The wardrobes, the landscape, the city...looking very much unchanged, the carriages, the accents, the....well, you get the picture. 

I just loved the fact that much of it was filmed on the grounds of The Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich.  I have been there.  I spent the day there.  With The Brit and The Earl.  When I was visiting London.  The Old Royal Navy College had certain "essence of the past" about it. 

And I think it was the perfect place to film this movie :)  And it brought back memories of the Trafalgar Tavern.  And Indian food.  And my heart has started beating a few beats faster per back to the movie review!

We watched the "unedited" version.  I'm not sure what the edited version was all about, but it didn't get the best reviews :(  I read some of the critiques, and they did have some good points.  Certain things happened, and you would say to yourself " THAT is going to come in to play later in the movie".  And then.  It didn't.  And that bothered me.   

I enjoyed the movie.  I enjoyed it on a Sunday evening, in the comfort of my living room with a fire in the fireplace.  I found the imagery to be beautiful.  I wanted the movie to end differently than it did.  I was taken aback when something is revealed towards the end of the movie.  It was not a "MUST SEE", but certainly a "WORTH SEEING" in my book.

I tried to embed the trailer that I like, but they have the embedding feature turned off :(  So, feel free to visit YouTube to watch it here:

So, for imagery that transported me to another time and another place.  And for my love of England, and especially England in 1891.  And for giving new life to an old tale, and casting characters who I found to be completely believable, I hereby award The Wolfman:

ONE SEERSUCKER SUIT!  Definitely not a movie that you will hear people talking about on the subway or in coffee shops, most likely.  But definitely one that is perfect for a cold, dreary evening when you want to be transported to another time and another place.  AND..most importantly, to be "thrilled", but not terrified...because there's no sense in that!



BelleinBows said...

I love Emily Blunt and have been wanting to see this. The setting looks beautiful. Thanks for the review!

Elizabeth said...

I saw this movie in theaters and really enjoyed it. I'm a massive wimp when it comes to scary movies (The Frighteners, with Michael J. Fox, gave me nightmares for months), and I liked that The Wolfman was more thriller than horror. I was pleasantly frightened at all the right times, but I was still able to go to sleep that night without the light on. :) And yes, I also really liked Sleepy Hollow.

Jess said...

I've never even heard of this movie, but I really want to see it now!! I love, love, love Benecio del Toro. Cannot stress my love for him enough!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading/following your page.Please keep it coming. Cheers!