Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Some Pho King Good Cooking!

So much to catch up on!!!  Let's see here.  I still haven't told you about making pho, have I?  Wow.  I am WAY behind.  I think this will be a Speedy Gonzales re-cap, and then we will have Westie Wednesday here in a bit.

Let's see...TWO weeks ago we made PHO in cooking class.  Daisy was our instructor:

(wearing my fabulous new chef's hat!  thank you so much Katie :)

(Daisy was jealous!  She wants a chef's hat too.  I was kind, as I am often known to be, and let her wear my chef's hat :)

(artwork to set the mood)

(Marilyn Monroe showed up with rice hats! So presh)

(we had to have a photo shoot with our hats)

(Daisy and Grace wanted their photos made as well!)

(a game that is native to Vietnam)

(Daisy has boiled the chicken for HOURS to make a tasty broth)

(letting the chicken cool)

(Marilyn Monroe and Daisy remove the chicken from the bones)

(rice noodles)

(time to make the PHO!)



I just said to MK, "what else shall I tell everyone?  what else have I done in the last 2 weeks?", and we couldn't think of anything.  Not one exciting thing to share.  Isn't that terribly sad?  I did go to Zumba.  Marilyn Monroe did purchase me a Zumba Tank Top to wear in class from now on :-o 

So, I'm like official and stuff.  And that was exciting.  But that's all the excitement I had.

I think I was shopping for Christmas.  And trying to relax or something?  That must be it.  I've relaxed myself to the point that I can't even remember.  Hmmm...

On to the next cooking class....


The next cooking class was hosted by Marilyn Monroe.  We cooked Spicy Chicken Enchiladas!  I thought they were VERY spicy, but the girls didn't think so.  I think it's the fact that I'm quite new to eating (and enjoying) peppers and onions that made it seem so spicy to me.  I surely did enjoy it :)

(have you ever noticed that Daisy & Marilyn Monroe have matching aprons?  pink and black?  well, i gave them to the girls as early Christmas prizes, since we were staring our cooking class and such.  i didn't have one for myself, but i didn't mind.  i just rotated my few aprons each class and had a lovely time.  BUT THEN...Daisy found a pink and black apron that she just KNEW i had to have.  look here at what it says!)

(and look HERE!!  it's me walking LW!  i'm so excited that i now have an apron that matches the girls!!)

(Marilyn Monroe bought us all moustaches to wear for Mexican night.  don't we look silly!)

(i had to flip my moustache around in order to drink my wine :)

(Marilyn Monroe and i shredded the chicken breasts after cooking them)

(adding the chicken to the spices in the pan)

(me, stirring the tasty enchilada mixture.  does anyone see a theme here?  clearly i didn't put my wine glass down for much of the night!)

(Marilyn Monroe showing off her Mexicano look)

(making a peanutbutter/marshmallow dessert concotion of sorts...)

(mixing in the green enchilada sauce)

(ready to go into the oven!)

I really have to say that these enchiladas are one of my favorite dishes yet!  I think the ease of making the recipe, the spiciness of the dish, and the (for the most part) healthy ingredients make this a winner.  So much flavor, and most of it coming from vegetables! 

So, there you have it!  I've got a new chef's hat, which I absolutely adore.  I've got a new apron.  AND....Daisy also gave me a fancy pants new knife for cutting things up.  Watch out friends, we've got cooking class at my house tonight...and my new red sharp knife is ready to go :-o  Pray for us!  hahaha.....  We will be making Chicken Cordon Bleu.  A very healthy version :)  I sure hope it tastes just as good as the "not so healthy" version:



Deviled Megs said...

I always ADORE your cooking class postings. I keep bugging folks in these parts to start a agroup like this with me, and sadly no takers. I don't know why not, cause you girls look like you are having so much F-U-N!

Pink Champagne said...

I just love the Born to Shop apron! It almost makes me want to cook.... ;)

Anonymous said...

I need your recipe for chicken cordon bleu...I love the frozen/dosed-in-sodium version, so a healthy version would be amazing! :)

Anonymous said...

I love that Born To Shop apron! I need one!

Ann said...

your cooking class thing looks like so much fun and now I'm hungry

Tote said...

Such a cute apron. You and Lewis. Your cooking classes look like so much fun. It is such a good idea.