Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How To Make a Decision

I have been carrying a little notebook around in my purse for the last few months.  In this notebook are notes from a sermon delivered at church this summer.  This "message" came to me at the time when I needed it most.  It was as if God truly was working through the pastor to tell me what I needed to hear.

When a sermon affects me like that, I tend to contemplate it for weeks. 

I found my little notebook a few months ago, oddly enough, right when I needed to be reminded of this message.  Coincidence?  I think not :)

Anyway, I just wanted to share this with you.  Nothing "earth shattering", but certainly not a bad reminder of the fact that WE have the power to make the right decisions.  AND...we will know if we have done just that.

1. Where God has given us clear teaching, we obey.
2. Where there is no command, there is freedom to decide.
3. Where there is no command, and we have freedom, God has given us the wisdom to choose correctly.
4. The Holy Spirit gives us the power to do the right thing.
5. We must trust that God is all around us if we do make the right decision.

God is not going to show us a "sign". We have to use the above steps to make the decision God wants us to, and to trust in that decision.

You will not know the outcome of your decision ahead of time. However, people will enter your life and they will affirm you are doing the right thing.

"All I can do is make the most informed decision I can, with the information I have right now." - The Voice of Reason

Here's to making good decisions!



MCW said...

I am sure you will make the decision that is right for you!

And I RSVPed to a baby shower yesterday and thought about you! ha

Tote said...

That was a very meaningful sermon for you. You will know what dicisions you have to make. Good luck, and may God be with you.

Peaches said...

I am a terribly indecisive person regardless if it's a big or small decision. I'm contemplating a few life style changes and I find this post comforting and encouraging.

Good luck with the decisions you're making. God bless!

Ann said...

Very nice post. That notebook did show up just at the right time didn't it. Perfect.

Anonymous said...

Talk about great timing. I am dealing with this on a large scale right now and these words were just what I needed to reaffirm my thoughts!

Kassie said...

I'm really indecisive, so I always like hearing these things. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I'm putting this quote in my notebook of quotes right now. the last lines really hit home with me - it was something I needed to hear.