Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Recipe Help, Please :)

This weekend is The Real Housewife of Delaware's Baby Shower.

The invitations have been mailed:

MOST of the R.S.V.P.s have come in.

I've got the diaper cake finished, and ready to go:

(blogger sucks, turn your head to the left.  sorry.)

I've ordered thank-you notes as part of TRHoD's gift from me:

I've purchased this little notebook & pen to take down names and gifts from all of the guests:

We've got three games to play, and I've wrapped up three prizes for the winners.

We have nametags and favors for the guests.

I've purchased plates, napkins & cups:

We've got punch & cupcakes & cookies to enjoy.

Marilyn Monroe is making her famous ham biscuits, and I'm making cucumber sandwiches and chicken salad sandwiches....


How do you make a cucumber sandwich?  Recipes please!  I need the recipe to involve no more than 3 or 4 things.  And the sanwiches to look a lil somethin like this when they are done:

or this:

Any recipes you want to share? PLEASE!


How do you make chicken salad for a sandwich?  I googled it, and most recipes have like 10 ingredients.  WHAT?!?!?!  Do you have a favorite recipe with 3,4 or 5 ingredients that you are willing to share?  PLEASE! 

I love the idea of making the sandwich on a croissant, and serving them this way:

You guys always have the BEST recipes to share, and I would be ever so grateful if you would come to my rescue again...

Pacifiers & Bottles,



MCW said...

Buy the chicken salad and throw it on the croissants...that much chicken salad is annoying to make!

Isn't cucumber sandwiches just wonder bread, cucumbers and cream cheese??? I actually have no idea. ha

mrs.mfc said...

I agree with MCW- just buy the chicken salad. I found mini croissants somewhere and they are way better when serving a big crowd.. can't remember where they came from though- maybe fresh market? I feel like Kroger always just has the HUGE ones.

For the cucumber sandwiches I am thinking it is cream cheese and a little dill, along with the cucumber slices. Maybe there are fancier versions but that is what I have seen.

Tote said...

We did the chicken salad on croissants for a wedding shower. They wer fab!
Cooked & cubed chicken
chopped celery/ or celery seed
We added sliced green grapes and sliced red grapes.
sliced pineapple & a little of the juice.
salt & Pepper
done, add to croissant.

I am sure you can get a varity of recipes.
Good luck! I love the invites & thank you's!

Charleston Girl said...

That diaper cake is so cute! Great job!

I'm recipe illiterate.. sorry. :(

I delegated the food to my sisters' friends when I was organizing her shower, lol.

Catherine said...

I think the easiest way to make chicken salad is to buy the Rotisserie chicken from Kroger, remove the skin and toss, then remove the chicken and cut up. Add grapes (sliced in half), slivered almonds (toasted), mayo and salt and pepper to taste.

Another thing i do a lot - go to Fresh Market - buy their Rotisserie chicken salad and then doctor it up - add grapes and toasted almonds!!

Hope that helps!

For the cucumber sandwiches - im not sure, but all i can suggest is using the pepperidge farm very thin bread!

Good Luck!!

Anonymous said...

Rotisserie Chicken
celery seed
S & P, to taste
thyme, fresh or dried
lemon juice (really brightens it up)
diced red bell pepper
Splash vinegar

Life Through Preppy Glasses said...

if you need to take a dip, i posted a really good hummus recipe yesterday!

Tara said...

Beautfiul job on the diaper cake!

My two cents: Buy the chicken salad. For the cucumber sandwiches, buy the Philadelphia Chive and Onion cream cheese, spread it on your crustless bread, add your chopped cucumber piecdes and possibly a little chopped fresh dill (which really is yummy). Call it a day! (Those ingredients will get you really close to what's in the Southern Living recipe I have, anyway.)

I used a pre-flavored cream cheese on some cucumber sandwiches for my sister's bridal shower ages ago and I got lots of compliments. I don't know if what I told you is exactly what I did then because I didn't know enough to write things down at the time, but it should be just as good!

Good luck!

DIMH said...

Costco chicken salad is pretty delish.

Otherwise, I like curry chicken salad. Just do mayo, chicken, celery, rasins, and curry powder. Yum!

Ann said...

love the diaper cake. never made cucumber sandwiches but chicken salad just chicken, mayo, celery and any seasoning you want

The Defunct Curator said...

Everything looks so great! I'm planning my sister's baby shower and am loving the inspiration from all your hard work.

I picked up The Ritz London Book of Afternoon Tea while living in England and have all their cucumber sandwich knowledge.

Peel a cucumber and slice it into transparencies on the slicing side of a grater... Sprinkle these see-through discs with a little vinegar and salt...after half an hour, drain away excess juice by shaking the slices in a colander or sieve. Cover a slice of lightly buttered paper-thin brown bread with two layers of cucumber (you can get the bread like this by rolling out regular slices with a rolling pin), and top with another slice of bread.

It then actually says to "apply firm but delicate pressure with the palm of the hand."

Then slice off the crusts and cut into three rectangles. It's also a good idea to cover your pretty arrangement of sandwiches with a slightly damp towel until just before you serve them.

Hope this lengthy recipe helps!

Leah @ Everyday Love said...

I make cucumber sandwiches with thin bread, cream cheese, dill and cucumber slices. It's always a hit!

Ashley said...

I say buy premade chicken salad from the grocery store. ONe of the stores near us has the bEst premade chix salad!
Love the invitations and how you got her Thank you notes as a gift :) Great idea! I have that same note pad :)

Love Cocktails and puppydog tails! said...

I don't know if this recipe will reach you too late but my fav simple recipe for a delish chicken salad sandwich Goes as follows:

2 Chicken Breasts Chopped (or shredded,
3/4 cup of Mayo(I use the real helmans made w/ olive oil),
1-2 tsp of Tarragon,
1/2 cup of red or green grapes, 1/2 cup chopped Walnuts(or pecans) and
3 stalks of Green Onions

*add salt and pepper to taste

( the great thing is that you can add as much or as little of the ingredients as you like to suit your taste and its REALLY simple although I guess now that I look at it, it is more than 3-4 ingredients opps)

hope you enjoy :)

TudorCity Girl said...

Glad you got excellent help on this recipe request...I'm a bit late! I had made the recipe up above Love Cocktails gave you and it is absolutely delish! I love it with the nuts, grapes and tarragon.

Anonymous said...

Where do you find the mini croissants??

Anonymous said...

I also would like to know where you fiND mini croissants Smart &Final and Costco no longer catty them.

Anonymous said...

how much (head count) does the chicken salad recipe make?