Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Westie Wednesday

I told you about Louis' trip to the Dog Park on Sunday.  I told you about Louis being ignored by the big pups.  He still hasn't recovered.  He has been in quite a mood ever since.

For example, this morning he "stalked" around the living room "gruffing" constantly.  He didn't need to make potty.  He had already eaten his breakfast.  He wasn't cold.  He wasn't in pain.  He was just irritable. 

He has been this way since being completely ignored at the Dog Park on Sunday.

There was one moment of reprieve, however.  Our lovely friends Katie, Julep & Derby sent us some Valentines prizes!!!  Louis demanded I open the package immediately, and not wait for Valentines Day.  Since he has been so mopey the last few days I obliged.  Lookie here at our prizes!

(there were also some Hershey kisses in a little pink container, but.....well.....they are now in my belly and didn't make the picture.  Oops!)

Aren't we the luckiest?!?!?  We are ever so thankful for our Valentines treats, AND...Louis is sooooooo excited for our next cooking class:

(please notice Louis' new cooking bandanna covered in hot peppers that Katie made for her "Bandannas for Rescued Paws" mission!  So cute, right?)

This morning I gave Louis the "Woof" stuffed heart that Katie, Julep & Derby sent him.  I thought it may cheer him up.  He snuggled it, and then took it into his crate.  And went back to sleep. 

I'm beginning to worry.  Do pups get Vitamin D deficiencies as well?

Westie licks,



Katie, Julep and Derby's Mom said...

Glad you liked everything in your little surprise Valentine Day box ... and Louis looks great in his hot pepper bandanna ... I'm still on the hunt for other food-type of fabrics (just for Louis).

Have a super-great V'day!
Westie hugs

Ann said...

nothing like some treats to cheer a pup up. Lucky Louis :)

pittsburghprepster said...

How cute! I have a Westie too! His name is Sir Maxwell Smart, but we call him Max...and a few other endeared names. He has quite the personality as well, and definitely likes having his "wolf pack" aka our family around. Loved reading this post though because of the similarities! Louis is adorable!!

Holly said...

I loved reading this post! Your dog is so adorable and I love how small dogs are always so packed with personality.

Holly =)

Deviled Megs said...

LOVE that bandanna!