Tuesday, July 5, 2011

So Disappointing :(

Friday I worked 1/2 a day, and then we left for the lake.

I really do think we should invest in a house at the lake :)  I haven't a clue how we would finance it...but we talked about that a lot this weekend.  If only....

This trip was supposed to be similar to our July 4th trip 2 years ago.  I rented a house, and we invited some friends to pitch in and to stay for the long weekend.  I told you all about it HERE.

(view from our old house)

(view from our old dock)

(from the old dock)

(we played games together, and laughed together, every night)

(we cheers each other!)

(everyone had a smile on their face)

(even when they were injured!)

Only I wasn't in charge this time.  And somehow 3 couples paid, but 5 couples stayed.  The whole weekend.  And 2 of the couples were strangers to 2 of the couples that paid.  And one of the couples had to walk through our room to get to theirs.

It was weird.  And uncomfortable.

I'm too old for summer camp.  I don't go away for the weekend to stay with strangers.  I want to stay with my friends.  Strangers are welcome for the day.
Blech.  Not a good 4th of July.

Well, we made the most of it.  We (TWW & his girlfriend, TEN and I, and Barbie) floated around in the lake and pretended we were alone.  On Saturday quite a few friends came up for the day.  They brought their jet skis, and hung out on our dock.  The way guests are supposed to. 

Thank God for The Voice of Reason and Mr. Swiss.  They arrived on Saturday (after the rest of the group - strangers included - took off on a boat and didn't invite us to join).  Their boat is way nicer than "the crashers'" anyway :-o  They hung out on our dock, we cooked out, and then we bolted.   And we didn't invite the others.  Oops.

(The Voice of Reason & Mr. Swiss' boat)

The Voice of Reason, Mr. Swiss, Barbie, TWW & his girlfriend, TEN and I all went to watch fireworks.  I relaxed for the first time :) 

Barbie left Sunday afternoon, and TWW's girlfriend left Sunday evening.  And then there were 3.  And we were the minority.

After everyone left on Monday morning, TEN and I floated around the lake for a bit.  We drank champagne and giggled.  It was nice.

I didn't take a single picture, because there isn't much of the weekend I care to remember.  It's not that I care about spending the money.  It isn't the money at all.  It's my time. 

My time is so precious these days, and I resent spending 3 days with a bunch of rando people.  People who I have nothing in common with, and will never see again. 

Lesson learned.

I'm in charge of July 4th next year :)

Hope your holiday was brilliant!



Dee Stephens said...

That sucks..It's just rude.
Not sure how people feel they can do that.
I'm not into randoms either.....

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

o wow! that IS disappointing...and im sure awkward. make sure you're in charge next year. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

Jess said...

Ugh, sorry to hear this! At least you got some time at the lake, which can't be a terrible thing!

Ann said...

Personally I think that's pretty rotten to not let the people who were paying know that there were going to be others there that weren't paying. Doesn't seem quite right to me and I know I probably wouldn't have enjoyed it either if I was in your place

MCW said...

I would be highly, highly annoyed...especially after your travel hell! It would be hard not to pitch a fit.

Unknown said...

That so sucks! I would be angry too. Guess those friends who invited other friends won't be going next year.

Leslie said...

Who on earth invited the freeloaders without consulting the others?? Those aren't friends I'd be spending any more time with, and when they asked me why, I'd say exactly. So rude!!!

Jenny DB said...

And THIS is why it is so difficult for my TYPE A self to relinquish weekend getaway planning. Because it's never as good when other people plan it. Similar story here this weekend, though not with the company but just the total cluster-F it turned out to be when I left the planning to Joe and Roomie. Oh well, lesson learned. Labor day is all me :-)

ms. mindless said...

How frustrating. I feel the same way about my time too. We have such little free time nowadays that you really want to make sure you give it to the right people. You have to be in charge next year!

Tote said...

I can't believe it! Didn't they even offer up some money? That was so not a relaxing weekend!


Unknown said...

Boo Hiss, I hate when things like that happen, glad y'all were able to make the best of it!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I hate that! How rude! You should always be in charge, I think that everyone learned that valuable lesson. What did the couple who invited them say??

On another note, I've decided you need to adopt me. Not like you are my momma or anything. Like a 'adopt a highway' kind of thing. You see, I fit RIGHT in with you. My best memories were at the lake house playing games every night. Sangria. The best kabobs in the world that still to this day I can't get right (I tried last night again. MB has begged me to give it up until we have a real grill or something).

Adore you, my friend!