Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Westie Wednesday

I told you earlier that we have a visitor this week.  She is called Ruthie, and Louis is quite smitten :)

He literally follows her everywhere.

Because Louis has been such a gracious host, we decided to purchase a little prize for him.  A new toy :) 

It is one of those plastic squeaky toys, and we are already sorry we purchased it.  BUT...he loves it.  And he earned it.  Because not only has he been a great host to Ruthie, he also indulged TEN and I when we needed a laugh the other day.  And he was the butt of the joke.  Which wasn't nice.  But we couldn't help ourselves :(

(one westie pup to go please!)

(he does not like to walk in his life jacket.  so he stands still.  and we couldn't stop laughing.  see how horrid we are?  and how much he deserved his new toy?)

Last night I hosted wine club, and Louis & Ruthie wanted to "dress up" for the occasion.  Lucky thing that I have a precious collection of bandannas made by our friend Katie, and I was able to assure the pups were looking FINE!

(Ruthie in a red bandanna with little white polka dots)

(Louis sporting his crabby patty bandanna)

In other you follow Duke from Ann's Snap Edit & Scrap?  Ann is quite talented, and Duke is often her photo subject.  Just the other day she had a "name this photo" contest, and look here at the winning quote:

Isn't it the perfect quote for Ann's photo of Duke?  This picture makes me smile.  Bunches :)

Westie Licks,

T & Louis


Ashley said...

so cute!! Glad they dressed up for wine night- did they get some wine too? :)

love jenny xoxo said...

awww so cute! does louis like swimming? My dogs don't but they don't have life jackets...


REBrown said...

We really need to get a life jacket for Rosa. She can't swim very well and can hardly keep her puglet head above water, but she really likes the water and wants to be in it constantly.

Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled said...

My Daisy (Westie) swims EVERYDAY in our pool out back. She never forgets! She enjoys lounging on her very own raft as well. Each Spring when the pool is re~opened as soon as she sees me in my bikini she RUNS to the patio door! She can't get enough of the pool!

Louis looked dashing in his bandana! He is such the prep!

Mrs. Kindergarten

Ann said...

LOL I'm cracking up over the life jacket thing. That is hysterical.
Duke thanks you for posting his picture and I thank you for your kind comments :)