Monday, October 24, 2011

And Then They Were One

Saturday afternoon we all boarded a chartered bus, wedding gifts in hand, to travel to a very old plantation on the James River.  

An hour later we realized that we were in the absolute middle of nowhere....but it was totally worth it :)

(the gift TEN & I gave the grooms)

(TEN and I waiting for the ceremony to begin)

(the grooms - reading their vows)

(the place settings)

(wedding favor)

**NOW....Because I hate Blogger with a passion, but really want to show you these photos, I'm going to do a grouping of sideways pictures.  Please turn your head to the right........

(the grooms coming out of the plantation house)

(the grooms at the alter) to the left please....

(TEN and I after the ceremony)

Excellent.  Thank you :)

We danced into the night, and met so many lovely people.  One of the grooms works as a fashion forecaster for menswear, and he travels to Milan and Paris regularly.  Some of his friends from Europe made the trip for the wedding, and meeting them was a treat.  The NYC fashion crowd was there, dressed from head to toe in black, and then there were their "Virginia friends".  We were decked out in plaid, bright colors, etc.  Because really...that IS how we do down South, don't you know?

Another lovely wedding weekend behind us, and now it's time to get down to business!!

The Annual Halloween Party is THIS Saturday, and I still haven't got a costume.  I have no idea what I want to be, and I'm about to start panicking.

Ideas?  Anyone? 

Let's discuss....



Life Through Preppy Glasses said...

that wedding looked like a lot of fun!

Dee Stephens said...

Loving your dress! I wish I could have worn something more like that to the wedding we went to on Friday afternoon but it was too freaking cold!
in the 40's outside for the Ceremony!
I've been to a few of those plantations on the James River. Lovely indeed.

Tote said...

You and ten look great! What a beautiful place to have a wedding. How awesome to meet all those cool people in the fashion industry. I would have loved it!

Ann said...

I love the outfit you were wearing.

REBrown said...

I love all of the plaid! It's so much more fun than plain black.

Ashley said...

omg. YOU MATCHED the decor!! haha
Looks like a blast.
I am going to email you a suggestion for Halloween :)