Thursday, October 20, 2011

Here Come the Grooms!

This weekend TEN and I are headed off to another wedding.  I always thought spring/summer was considered "The Wedding Season", but apparently Fall is when our friends prefer to tie the knot :)

My friends, The DJ & The Forecaster, are getting married this weekend.  They were "legally" married in Connecticut a few weeks ago (because Virginia is not trying to let everyone have equal rights), however, this weekend they are being "ceremonially" married at a charming plantation in Virginia. 

I'm most excited, because I adore these two.  They have been together for 13 years, and this wedding is way overdue :)

Both of the grooms are great fans of plaid.  I've been told that plaid is the "theme" of the wedding, and when asked what the attire for the wedding was (both the wedding and reception are outside), I was told plaid.  So....plaid it is!

I'm wearing this Lilly Holiday Plaid dress from about 112 years ago.  It's pink & green, not so much red & green, so it's okay to wear for an October wedding...right?  This is the best picture I can find, but you get the idea.  I also have this fuschia Lilly silk cardigan to wear over it.

The fuschia heels I wore with it, once upon a time, are no longer with us.  These have just arrived in my office, only the color is more purple-y fuschia.  They are going to match perfectly!

The grooms did not register, so I was beside myself to come up with an idea for a wedding gift.  Then, when Barbie and I visited them in September I knew what I should get!  Not that they picnic THAT often, but when they do...they'll be ready :)

(blackwatch is the signature plaid of one of the grooms)

(i have these wine glass & wine bottle stakes, and they make picnicking with wine SO MUCH EASIER!)

(Gullah Gourmet - from Charleston, SC - Hattie's Hot Crab Dip.  perfect for a polo match!)

(nautical wine sweaters for your wine bottle!  i'm giving them the blue sweater with the life preserver on it & a bottle of wine)

(everything will be in this felt basket, of sorts, that they can use for something else.)

What do you think?  Good gift for two grooms?  I hope so :)



Elizabeth said...

One - love the shoes. LOVE.

Two - Like your pals, I am mad about plaid and blackwatch is my signature plaid as well.

Three - I'm sure they will love the gift; it shows you took them into consideration when buying it instead of just buying something you yourself liked. Have fun this weekend! :)

Twenty Something Blonde said...

This might be one of my favorite posts ever. That gift is PERFECT, and I'm jealous of it! and a plaid themed wedding celebration weekend sounds so like so much fun.

Have a great time!

Leslie said...

Fabulous outfit, and I think that you've put together the perfect gift! Have a ball!

Unknown said...

October is the new June! I love your wedding gift to them, so much more thoughtful than just writing a check. One of my fave gifts from my wedding was a gift package from a Maine lobster company...from the lobsters to side dishes to dessert (even a speckled enamel pot that I cherish) Have a fantastic time at the wedding!!

Sports-O-Nista said...

I adore the gift, however....I CANNOT get behind fall weddings. Unless you pick a non-football weekend. And seriously....good luck with that.

Tote said...

Perfect gifts! I love gifts that have some thought put in them. Your dress will be perfect as well.
Love the shoes!!!
Have an awesome time.

Life Through Preppy Glasses said...

you do have so many weddings ...crazy! This one sounds like fun.

I love plaid...all those gifts will be great. That wine bottle holder is so handy!

Unknown said...

Perfect dress, perfect gifts, perfect shoes, perfect plantation. Hope you have a BLAST!

REBrown said...

This looks like it will be an absolutely fabulous event!

how i met your father blog said...

love that dress you're wearing! so gorgeous!

Deviled Megs said...

I l-o-v-e putting together gift baskets like this. Yours is fab and you are going to have to share with me where I can get those wine sweaters. Because the weather is getting chillier and I need to make sure my wine bottles are properly attired, obvi.

Jenny DB said...

Awesome gift!!! And NOW it all makes sense :-)