Monday, October 31, 2011

Pot Roast, Pinot & Pumpkins! It's Fall :)

I am LOVING the fall weather we are having.  Well, Saturday it seemed more like winter...but it's back to fall now :)

Sunday I made my mother's pot roast in the crock pot.  I do this every year when fall finally arrives.  Granted, I make it many times throughout the fall and winter...but my mother's pot roast being made is what "officially" kicks off the change of seasons in my house.

(this is not a picture of my actual pot roast.  i was too hungry to stop to take any photos!)

Now, YOUR mother may make her pot roast the same way, but this is MY mother's recipe.  Understand?  Good :)

T's Mother's Pot Roast Recipe

1 large beef chuck roast roast
8 medium new potatoes
12 carrots, peeled and cut
1 can Campbells Cream of Mushroom soup
1 pack of Lipton Onion Soup Mix

Place the roast in a 6 quart crock pot, after browning the meat on the stove.  Wash carrots & potatoes, peel and cut the carrots and place them all around the roast in the crock pot.  Pour the Campbells Cream of Mushroom soup over the top of the roast, and then sprinkle the Lipton Onion Soup Mix over the soup.  Add 1 cup of water.  Turn crock pot on Low setting for 8 hours.

I've gotten out of my regular cooking regimen, and I'm really missing it.  So, this week I plan to catch up.  Tonight TEN's uncle from Phoenix is coming to town, and we will be having supper with him.  We're going to Shula's, and more than likely I'll have this:

(Shula's Jumbo Crab Cakes)


(Shula's Filet)

I'm leaning towards the crab cakes though, because another night this week we will be dining at The Outback in support of a local school (thanks mrs.mfc). 

Where I'm more than likely to have this:

(Victoria's Center Cut Filet)

Back at the ranch.....that leaves 3 additional nights for cooking!!

I've purchased everything I need, and am really looking forward to fires in the fireplace while enjoying wine and trying some new recipes.  TEN just got back from a week out of town for work, and I'm leaving Saturday for a week in Boston.  I'm taking this week for myself to just "catch up", in general :)

What are your favorite things to cook, eat or do to celebrate the arrival of fall?  Or, are you in morning?  I used to be in mourning, but somewhere along the way....I really fell in love....with Fall!



Dee Stephens said...

We had pot roast every Sunday growing up hence.. why I don't like it.
Brad and I differ on it.
Fall in our house means: fall scented candles, tortilla soup, pumpkin muffins and baked apples!

REBrown said...

I love a good pot roast! One of my favorite things that ushers in fall is hot drinks. I never drink warm drinks during the summer, I always wait until fall.

From DC to Sweet Tea said...

Beef stew is definitely a good fall thing. I love all kinds of soup, and pumpkin EVERYTHING.

erica said...

What a great pot roast recipe. I definitely need to give it a try!


Designs by Kara Kihm said...

Yum! It all looks delicious! I'm not much of a cook, but I definitely love cooked pumpkin seeds! They are so yummy and addictive!

Ann said...

OK, I am officially hungry now.