Monday, November 2, 2009

I Will Grant You Three Wishes!

Halloween is over.


So. Very.  Sad.

Whatever shall we be excited about now??? 

HotChildInTheCity suggested we start getting geared up for Thanksgiving, but she's's just not the same. 

Oh well. 

There is always next year!


Friday night we attended my friend Daisy's Pre-Halloween Party.  She cooked 15lbs (or some ridiculous amount) of pork butt in her smoker.  It was the best BBQ I have ever had I do believe! 

Then again, perhaps it was the good friends we shared it with that made it so tasty!  We watched football and drank beer and talked about our Halloween costumes.  It was a lovely evening.

Saturday I had to run some errands, and then TEN and I watched the Florida-Georgia game.  I don't believe I've missed that game once in my entire life.  Actually, when I lived in Florida we were usually there. 
Let me simply say....WAY TO GO GATORS!!!!!

Now, on to the great costume reveal:

(I am a blue "I Dream of Jeannie", minus her Major Nelson.  TEN is a Genie IN a Lamp.  Lovely)

So, there you have it.  TEN was a genie IN a lamp that says "Rub Me!".  Doesn't get any better than that folks.  Needless to say, his costume was a hit. 

Halloween night was a mess.  I mean a M-E-S-S.  First, it was pouring down rain in Smalltown, VA.  We went to pre-party at a friend's downtown loft apartment.  Why we thought this was a good idea is no longer clear to me.  TEN was doing shots of Patrón at 7pm.  You see where this is going?   I wasn't doing much better, but I did steer clear of the Patrón.

Here are some pictures of us throughout the night....

(Daisy as Olive Oil, me & TEN)


(Barbie & Bosley as Bonnie & Clyde!)

(TWW as a "period gentleman" and me)

(me & BFF as a gypsy)

I will spare you pictures of the end of the night.  For some reason Halloween always brings out the college kid in all of us, and we think doing countless shots and chugging beers is a really good idea.  It wasn't.  My ex was at the party.  I talked to him for a little bit.  I was glad we got to talk because as much as I cared about him once, and as big of a part of my life as he was, I have never been more sure that I want to be with TEN. 

Unfortunately, his presence at the party (and my chatting with him) caused TEN and I to have a slight disagreement.

Alcohol + Pride = DISASTER

I ended up running back to TEN's apartment in the rain and getting completely drenched!  Gaaah. 

All is well now, but I must say....I am not a fan of drama.  Not a fan AT ALL.  I hope that moving forward we are both more responsible in our alcohol consumption, and that we avoid such silliness!

So, how was YOUR Halloween?  Did you dress up?  What were you?



Marian said...

Um, I love these costumes...HYSTERICAL!! Though I'm going to miss the scary movies and carving pumpkins, I'm sure my waist won't have a problem with saying goodbye to the candy wich I've consumed over 10 pounds, I'm sure.

Jessica said...

I had a feeling he was going to be a genie, though this is even better than I imagined! Your costume was great too...and I loved the jellyfish!

It's funny, my co-worker and I just had a long talk when I got into work this morning about the combination of alcohol & couples. She had the same situation as you - getting into a fight with her bf, mostly thanks to a few too many drinks. Her friends that were out with her had the same thing happen!! Oh, alcohol...

Preppy Girl Meets World said...

LOVING your costumes!

MCW said...

I was a mess as well. Literally. Got sick. I did not stay away from the Patron.
Dressed up as a Redskin player...not to creative, but very comfy!

Jenny DB said...

Aah, gotta love Halloween:)

Love the costumes! The genie is so clever, I've never seen that before!!

That chick was a WAY better jellyfish than me - I used a big white hat and hung streamers/ribbons off of it.. cuz I couldn't stand the thought of carrying an umbrella all night. Downside, everyone thought I was a ghost. HAha.

Emily said...

Love the Halloween costumes! I left you an award on my blog!

Kate said...

OMG Ten's costume is hilarious!