Friday, November 20, 2009

Shhhh!! Be Very, Very, Quiet Please....

My head hurts. 


Multiple Flirtinis = very, very, very bad decision.

I am doing all that I can to appear functional today at work.  I am seeing double, but smiling constantly so that no one can tell I can't actually make out what/who I am looking at.  MK isn't feeling much better.  We both had biscuits first thing this morning, but they haven't healed us yet. 

I did want to share a picture of my dress from last night.  I think that is about all you are going to hear from me today though.  The act of typing is too strenuous. 

(me, MK, boy BFF, Christie, BFF, Stevie)

Have a great weekend, and I can't wait to share pictures of the new puppy with you on Monday!



mrs.mfc said...

I know I told you last night, but I want to say it again because I bet others will agree with me.. I like YOUR dress better than the $$$ one!!

MCW said...

You look hot! And I was feeling that way boss made me drink to much on Wednesday night!
Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Love your dress and you have killer arms, I'm jealous!

Hope your head feels better really soon!

Marian said...

Love the dress and can't wait to see pictures of the pup!!

Jenny DB said...

OMG I LOVE.Love your dress:)