Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Eagle Has Landed!!!

Well, the puppy has pottied anyway.  Today at lunch.  MK came home with me to meet Louis.  I was explaining to MK, who has a fabulous pug called h, the issue that Louis has with going potty outside.  It's not that he "messes up" and goes inside sometimes, it's more that he REFUSES to go outside.  Ever. At least...that's what I thought....

Anyway, I'm complaining up a storm and we arrive at my house.  We enter and don't make a fuss about Louis.  We go into the kitchen and I open the crate door and we keep chatting as if we are not excited to see him.  This was the advice I received....no big deal when leaving or coming home.  This will help Louis with his separation anxiety issues. 

I noted that he had not pottied in his crate.  I went to fetch his harness and lead.  I waved them around and said in such a happy voice "go outside?  go outside Louis?".  He is not a fan of going outside.  Regardless he walked out the door and I rewarded him a small piece of cheese.  He then immediately headed back inside.  Darn! 

I carried him into the yard.  MK and I are chatting and she is walking him about when all of the sudden she says "look, look, he's peeing".  She squatted down just to be sure, and yep....true fact...Louis peed in the yard.  I was totally confused.  He didn't squat like he does in the kitchen.  He just leaned forward a bit.  Like he was stretching. "Oh crap, MK, I think he has done that before", I remark.  "Oh well, just start praising him now", she says.  Can you believe it?!?!?!  The poor guy is probably so confused.  Here he has pottied before and TEN and I are still saying "go potty Louis!".  He's probably thinking "Geezzzz people!  What do you want?  I've just pottied and you want more?"

Anyway, this afternoon post potty, MK and I started hopping about and praising Louis and I gave him another piece of cheese.  I'm not quite sure he knew what the fuss was all about, but we used the word potty as much as possible.  I'm hopeful that it will click at some point. 

AND...I promise this blog is not going to become a blog about a puppy.  However, at the moment I'm a bit consumed.  There is nothing else going on in my life but taking care of this little guy.  TEN got up with him at 3am this morning, and slept on the couch after that to keep Louis from barking so I could sleep.  Tonight is my turn.  I sure hope this crate training/getting on our schedule thing comes together quickly.  Sleepless nights are no fun for anyone :(

And finally, I'm going to share some more pictures, and a little video with you.  Let me preface this by saying that I am absolutely aware that I sound like a complete idiot in the video.  I had no idea how ridiculous I sounded until I listened to it myself.  But, Louis is precious in it, so I'm going to share it.  Please be kind and turn down your volume...otherwise your opinion of me will drop drastically.  I assure you :)


(sleepy baby!)

(snoozing in front of the fireplace)

(investigating the camera)

(giving TEN a bath)

And finally.....the video....no laughing allowed!

TEN and I are going Thanksgiving shopping tonight.  We both get off early tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to 4-1/2 days of TEN time, Louis time and lots and lots of wine :)

Happy Early Turkey Day to you all!!!



mrs.mfc said...

Yayy! Glad you got the video to work!! He looks so adorable laying in his bed at the end of the video!! Such a cutie ;)

Jenny DB said...

Awww he's so precious. He actually looks kinda big for a lil' guy but maybe that's just scale:) how old is he??? I have the same doggie bowls except prbly bigger... you are doing everything right with your POTTY PARTIES:) he will TOTALLY get it soon!!!

Blackeyed Susan said...

He is too cute!!!

MCW said...

He is so damn cute!
Just put him in bed with you...I mean, why else do you get a snuggly adorable dog :)

Unknown said...

He is adorable! Beware of putting him in the bed...I fight for space now with my Westie (10 years later). She also HATES to go outside and really hates to walk in the grass, but she is potty trained. Loved the video!

Anonymous said...

He's so cute!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and weekend with the boys!

LD said...

Umm..cutest freaking thing EVER!