Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving Recap & Some Puppy Nonsense Too!

Wow!  A week without blogging feels really weird.  I should have so much to say, but for some reason I don't.  I guess maybe it's because I haven't done very much over the last week...which was so nice for a change :)

Thanksgiving was lovely.  Very relaxing and definitely yummy!  We cooked a turkey, stuffing, home made mashed potatoes and green beans. 

We purchased this "Apple Pumpkin Pie Wine" at a wine festival a month or so ago to enjoy with our Thanksgiving dinner, and I'll tell you what....NO GOOD. 

Well, that's not fair I suppose.  It was just too much to stomach as a "drinking wine" if you will.  So, we mixed it with Pinot Grigio and laughed about it.  Louis enjoyed some canned pumpkin mixed in with his puppy food, and he was in heaven!!! He gobbled it up and then proceeded to prance around the kitchen while we ate.

Thanksgiving night we had planned to stay in and relax, but somehow ended up heading to a bar across from my neighborhood.  Unfortunately, I forgot that due to my trying to fight off a cold I had taken two NyQuil before we decided to go.  Therefore, I promptly got so tired I could barely hold a conversation...and all I wanted to do was go home.  I blamed it on a turkey coma, until the next day when I remembered that I had drugged myself. Oops!

Saturday I had friends over to watch the Virginia Tech vs. UVA annual Thanksgiving rivalry game.  My Hokies won...PTL...and it was great to have everyone together for a bit of a post-Thanksgiving celebration!!

Last night we saw The Blind Side.  Loved, loved, loved it!!  I have been wanting to see this movie since I read about it months ago.  It was seriously one of the best movies I have seen in a long time.  The fact that it is a true story made it even more wonderful.  And sad, I suppose.  The fact that there are so many young men and women in the world today who if given a chance could reach their true potential.  Unfortunately, they aren't all as lucky as Michael Oher.  Well, I guess I shouldn't call him lucky...he had a hell of a life before he met the Touhys'.  Anyway....I completely recommend it.  TWO THUMBS UP FROM T!

I am also completely in a funk.  I love Louis.  I cannot imagine my life without him.  I do not want to imagine my life without him.  I guess I just didn't realize how little sleep and time to myself I would have once he arrived.  I know that having a puppy is a far cry from having a baby, but in many ways (for the single girl anyway) it is similar.  I can no longer just run out shopping after work.  I have to go home first to let him out and play with him.  I can no longer sit on the couch and read a book in the evening because he will cry and want attention.  If I bring him onto the couch with me he will attempt to eat my book, at which time we have to learn that eating mommy's book is NOT okay.  I am trying so very hard to not give in to letting him sleep with me, or have his own way when it isn't good for him.  I am determined to raise him properly so that he will be a healthy, happy dog with good manners.  A dog that people enjoy being around.  But, it is taking its toll....in more ways than one.

Today is Louis' first veterinarian appointment.  I'm going to ask his vet for some advice.  I'm wondering what she will think if I say "look here Dr. Brown...I like to go to happy hour after work sometimes, and other times I like to stay out until 2am and drink cocktails with the girls.  how does one do this with a puppy?"  Hmmm...perhaps I need to revise the way I ask my question? 

Anyway, I'm heading to DC for two days for work this week.  I'm already stressing about how much I will miss little Louis.  I love the way he smells and the way he lays his head on my shoulder to snuggle and the way he sleeps when he is exhausted:

No joke.  This is Louis in a deep sleep over the holiday.  How can you not want to be around this little guy?  Please ignore my slovenly self on the couch in my pj's in the picture :)  Louis will be staying with TEN.  I hope it goes well.  Louis is still having separation anxiety issues, and TEN has all kinds of plans while I'm away.  I hope little Louis will relax a bit and enjoy his change of scenery.

AND...that's it!  See, I told you not much has happened over the last week.  It was a nice reprieve.  However, things start to pick up this weekend with two holiday parties and Louis' appointment to have his picture made with Santa.  I have no idea how this is going to go, but I'm hoping he doesn't poop on Santa.  Oh lord, please don't let my little man have an accident on Santa's lap......



Emily Elizabeth said...

Having a puppy is hard work! But trust me it gets easier! I know it sounds opposite but two are easier than one. They entertian each other. Doak is so self sufficent now at 2.

I can tell already though he has a much stronger bond with me than the puppy because the puppy has him to focus his energy! It's strange! The vet told me this would happen and I really didn't believe her!

Emily said...

I didn't know Peaks of Otter had a winery...although I suppose after hearing your review of the apple-pumpkin wine I won't be trying it out anytime soon! The picture of Louis is so adorable!

Anonymous said...

That is a huge turkey for two people! I'm glad your Thanksgiving went well.

I'm reading your paragraph about Louis and had to put the computer down to get a shirt out of Fenway's mouth. They are so busy! It will get better though, we almost 1. killed each other and 2. found Fenway a new home the first couple months -- you have to get into a routine.

MCW said...

That sounds like a perfectly heavenly weekend...
Having a puppy must be hard. I want one, but then again...it would such a HUGE change from the life I lead. But, it will get better...and you will be able to stay up until 2am drinking!

TudorCity Girl said...

Sometimes having a week like that is just what you need! It's a good thing.
Congrats on getting the puppy!! He looks so adorable and reading about him makes me want one even more.
They are sort of like children in a way.. A big responsibility for a single person.
My sister has 3 little kids and just said they are getting a puppy.. I said - are you nuts?!

Just know it gets a lot easier each month with the puppy and enjoy the time! (and all the attention you will get when out with him :)

The Smarter Princess said...

We just got a puppy on Sunday and I've been making creepy blogfriend comments about you and Louis ever since.

"Bailey's going to love you more if she rides home with you! That's what happened to DSS and TEN."

"Louis is crate training too... I wonder if it's this hard for them."

Seriously, it's been a huge help comparing our situations. I miss sleep and quiet so much!!

Jenny DB said...

Haha nice move with the wine. That was quite adventurous to begin with. I'm glad you said you loved Blind Side.. I've been REALLY wanting to see it and I've heard its good but your review.. well now I'm convinced:)

Things with Louis will get better. Just takes time. Then you can have your afternoons and late nights worry free!! and it comes alot quicker with puppies than babies i think!! hehe