Monday, December 7, 2009

Bad, Bad, Bad Blogger!

I have been a bad blogger:(  I've been trying to make some money at work (imagine that!), and in the evenings I'm so very sleepy after puppy duty that I don't have much energy left.  The following has occurred since we last spoke:

1.  Louis had a lovely visit to the vet.  He is the picture of health, and received a "good puppy" discount for his behavior.  I did NOT ask the vet about leaving him in a crate so I could have cocktails late into the night.  I chickened out.

2.  I went to DC for work.  I left Wednesday at noon.  It took me 1.5 hours longer than it should have due to the rain.  Blech!

3.  I had a lovely meeting in DC, and then got back on the road the next evening to head home to Smalltown, VA.  It, again, took me 1.5 hours longer than it should.

4.  I had a mental breakdown on TEN when I returned home.  I have been tired and stressed and imagined all of these things, and somehow it was all his fault.  I'm sure that some of it must be his fault (because clearly I am perfect), but he didn't really think so.  I sat on the floor of his kitchen and had a meltdown.  I then took Louis and went home and went to bed.  Lovely.

5.  TEN called me the next morning to assess the situation, and to determine if I was normal again.  I think the jury is still out on that, but alas...

6.  We went to TEN's office party Friday night.  Everyone from all of the offices came in to Smalltown, VA this year and there were BUNCHES of people there.  I wore a little red dress that was extremely conservative because I didn't want anyone to say "who is that hooker that TEN has brought with him?".  Apparently his date last year wore jeans and he caught hell over that.  TEN and I both got plastered, and I hope we didn't make an ass of ourselves at his work party.  I, of course, had to leave at 10:30 to run to TEN's to let Louis out, and then came back to the party.  I think my brief reprieve from drinking was all that saved me :)

7.  Saturday night was my wine group Christmas Party.   It snowed on Saturday in Smalltown, VA and some girlfriends and I went for manis and pedis.  TEN babysat Louis for the day, so I had a T girl-time day and it was fabulous!  I dare say I had more fun at Saturday night's party than I have had in a LONG TIME.  The party was at MK's house, and her home was beautifully decorated.  I laughed until I cried and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  At around midnight everyone decided to head downtown.  Of course TEN and I had to go home.  To let Louis out.  Having a puppy is definitely keeping me from drinking too much :)

8.  Sunday Barbie and I took our puppies to PetSmart for photos with Santa.  Louis wore a Santa costume and a little red hat.  He was, surprisingly, quite tolerable of the whole situation.  He sat on Santa's lap and didn't wiggle around at all!  Everyone "ooooh'd and aaaaaahhh'd" over him at PetSmart and he was pleased.  I think this is why he was on such good behavior.  You can't really see his Santa suit, but here is his photo with Santa:

Last night TEN and I watched the movie Wanted.  Not a fan.  It sounded excellent, but I'm pretty sure I could have filmed it myself.  All I would have had to do was give TEN and gun and ask him to run around shooting it everywhere.  Then, I would get into my car and drive around fast and crash into things.  The End.  That was the movie.  Yawn.

Tonight we are going to watch Swing Vote.  This one sounds good too,  and I really hope it is.  I'm going to write Christmas cards tonight because I received FOUR in the mail at lunch today.  Egads!  I'm behind already.  I have my stamps AND my cards.  Let's just hope I can get them in the mail before the holiday passes!

So that's it.  My recap of the past few days.  Pretty boring.  It's okay.  You can say it.  I know.  

I have wine group tomorrow night, a Christmas party Wednesday night, a Christmas party Friday night, a Cocktail Crawl Saturday and a Holiday Wine Trek on Sunday.  So hold your horses my friends...there will surely be some sordid stories to share after all of that!



Jenny DB said...

I totally feel your kitchen floor meltdown and LOL at the morning phonecall to assess the situation:) also, thinking a "little red dress" can't be TOO conservative?? sounds sexy!! :)

MCW said...

Whoever thought having a dog would keep you from being a drunk? Maybe they should give everyone in AA a dog? Ha

Blackeyed Susan said...

Santa has lil Louis in a chokehold! He is too cute!!

mrs.mfc said...

Let him get a little older... I have a dog and I am almost always drunk ;)

MCW said...

and I tagged you...

Anonymous said...

You're a busy, busy lady!

Louis is very handsome in his Santa outfit!