Monday, December 14, 2009

Change of Plans!

Boy, things sure didn't pan out the way I had planned over my 3 day weekend! 

Thursday night Daisy convinced me that if I wanted a real tree we would go and fetch one ourselves.  We determined that we didn't need a man to help!  We would put that tree in the trunk and haul it inside of the house ourselves.  So.  We did :)  Mind you, we both had on boots with 4 inch heels and were sinking in the sawdust at the tree was -30 degrees.  I'm pretty sure the tree farm guys were laughing at us, but I don't care. 


Daisy and I got it set up in the stand on our own as well.  Then, Daisy's beau came over and admired our hard work.  Then, TEN came over after a work meeting and he admired our work.  We allowed the boys to be quite impressed that we were able to accomplish such a feat on our own, and then we ordered pizza so we could continue to admire the tree.  Okay, it was overkill, but Daisy and I really were proud of ourselves!

After Daisy and her beau left, TEN and I decorated my tree.  We made a fire and had a very low key night.  Louis had a very exciting night, however, as Daisy convinced me that he needed play time outside of the kitchen.  She instructed me that he should be able to venture to other rooms in the house while supervised.  I hypervetilated about the possibility of him peeing on my rug, but let him out anyway. 

Let's just say...Louis will be spending VERY LIMITED time out of the kitchen moving forward.  He has peed on the rug AND on the couch.  Boo hiss!  Bad, bad puppy :(  He has always laid on the couch with TEN and I, and he has never peed before.  Hmph!


Friday I spent the entire day Christmas shopping.  I bought almost all of my presents, and was tickled pink that I took the day off AND that I was so productive :)   Louis also had a trip to the vet to have his rabies shot.  He was a very brave puppy, and is getting very comfortable riding in his booster seat in the car:

Friday night a friend was having a Holiday Party, and TEN and I were planning on attending.  However, Louis decided that having an accident on the couch was a good idea :(  This threw me into a complete breakdown, and we didn't make the party.

We decided to stay home, wash the couch slip covers, wrap Christmas gifts and drink wine.  It actually turned into a most lovely evening!  TEN and I even danced in front of the fireplace with little Louis running around our feet.  I know, I know...vom.  But it was sweet :)  We drank about 3 bottles of wine, and at one point we must have gotten very loud in a discussion we were having because Louis retreated to his crate to escape the madness!!!  I have never seen him VOLUNTARILY enter his crate.  This, of course, made me giggle.

Louis also helped with package wrapping, and is a great fan of bows and ribbons:

Saturday TEN and I did attend the Holiday Cocktail Crawl, and we had a lovely time!  This is always a most festive event, and this year didn't disappoint.  Last year the girls dressed in "sexy Mrs. Claus" outfits, but decided to forgo that this year in order to stay warm.  It was FREEZING! 

(Daisy and I at the Cocktail Crawl)

(Daisy & Rudolph)

(other festively dressed friends)

(My camera is at home, and I haven't downloaded any of my pictures yet.  So, I've had to steal some from facebook.  TEN was really there...he just didn't make these pictures :)

TEN and I headed home around 10:30 since we wanted to be rested for the Holiday Wine Trek on Sunday.  And then....


We awoke on Sunday to ice/rain/freezing temperatures.  Boooo....  Some of the group decided to brave the roads, and the weather, and head up the mountain roads to the wineries.  TEN, Babbo Natale, MK and I were NOT that brave.   I was very sad to miss the trip, but I just had the worst feeling that it wasn't worth risking an accident since we would be tasting wine, etc. 

Instead, TEN and I had another fire and were completely lazy all day.  Well, I did continue to wash slip covers from the couch...but other than that....

I hope you had a warm and relxing weekend as well!



MCW said...

I love lazy days with wine. I also would love a fireplace to make them even better!

Through Rose Colored Glasses said...

Look at his sweet booster seat!
I know it can be tough to get your life adjusted when you get a puppuy. And potty training is definitely the worst. But it does get better. Promise.

Jenny DB said...

OK OMG you have a booster seat for Louis?? I NEED To see more pics of this, i just can't imagine it!!! what made you get this? i'm totally curious now!! BTW - he will get better in the house. expand his 'ok' zone only a lil at a time, and if you can "CATCH HIM" being naughty well thats an OK to scare him raise your voice freak him out a bit and if he's a smart pup which he looks like he is.. well he'll learn :) Anywayyy I'm sooo glad we both have our trees now, and Louis is a-freakin-dorable!!