Saturday, December 19, 2009

17 Inches!

Smalltown, VA received 17 inches of snow yesterday and today.  It is truly a winter wonderland!  I missed most of last night's snowfall due to my 102 degree temperature (I was sleeping on the couch), but TEN did wake me up to show me his snow sculpture of Louis:

He was up late feeding me Tylenol, and monitoring the snow fall:

This morning there was much shovelling to be done, and I cried "sick", so he took over:

Louis is not a fan of going potty in the snow.  He is, however, quite the fan of running like a mad man through it.  He's quite the little investigator, and finds snow fascinating.  Apparently far too fascinating to use the potty in.  He has reserved that for the kitchen this weekend :(

My neighbor's car was stuck in the middle of the street, and after TEN took a drive down it, there were sufficient tracks for Louis to run in.  He found a little Louis sized race track and went back and forth until he exhausted himself:

I hope you are all staying warm, and if you are getting snow this's to hoping you have as much fun as we are!  We are off to the store for diet cokes right now.  TEN wants to drive.  Fingers crossed that we make it successfully!



Bethany said...

We've got 18 inches here and it's still snowing. We didn't brave anything in the car today, but I went outside to shovel for a little bit and play with my daughters. Stay warm!

MCW said...

We are getting snow in the city! I have no idea how much...but, it is lovely. Sorry you are sick. Thank god you have TEN to help!

Anonymous said...

I hope you're feeling better! The Louis snow man is too cute!

Emily said...

Oh my goodness that video of Louis is so adorable! He's so cute! I hope you're feeling better!

Through Rose Colored Glasses said...

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness! I just cant get enough of little Louis!
I hope the grooming goes well! I still have yet to get potter groomed and he is 6monthes! I just love him scruffy!

Jenny DB said...

OMG you aren't joking!! That's a lot of snow.. i wouldnt think yall would get crazy snow in Virginia!!! Louis is so dang cute :) and umm, TEN is very talented at that sculpture business !!!