Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Real Quick Like...

Christmas was lovely.  I know you have read a thousand of I won't go into the loveliness that was mine.  I'll just give a few bullets, real quick like:

1.  TEN, Louis and I drove to Big City, VA on Thursday morning.  We were late leaving.  It was Louis' fault.  Obviously.

2.  Dropped TEN and Louis at TEN's mother's house.  I trucked on to my mother's.

3.  Watched Up in the Air.  It wasn't funny.  At all.  Good movie.  Just not funny. Not sure why I was expecting it to be?

4.  Watched It's Complicated.  Hilarious. 

5.  T=sick.  As in "I cannot catch my breath, or go to midnight mass, or anywhere else because I am dying" sick.

6.  Skipped midnight mass and fancy dinner.  Ate yummy pork tenderloin.  Thanks mother, it was tasty :)

7.  Ate Chinese on Christmas.  Yumm.

8.  Drove to BFF from High School's home for a visit.  Saturday.  Party + more food + presents = lovely.

9.  Drove back to Big City, VA to have dinner with TEN's mother, sister, brother, sister-in-law, neice & nephew Sunday afternoon.  Talk about total family submersion.  Yikes!  Thank goodness they are all nice and fun and silly...just like me.  I pigged out, drank wine, relaxed and then we hit the road.  Again.

10.  TEN, Louis and I drove back to Smalltown, VA Sunday night. 

11.  I slept all day Monday because I was off.  And sick.  Yawn.

Now, a few funny tidbits:

TEN gave his father and brother "the leg lamp" from A Christmas Story.  And they loved it. Seriously:

Louis opened his own Christmas presents, and is rather good at it :

TEN's nephew M adores Louis.  He could not stop giving him hugs :

I received some fabulous gifts for Christmas.  I have my Thank You Card List right here.  Not that I would EVER write thank you cards while at work, of course, but I will get to them promptly :)  My absolute favorite gift was:

I'm shallow.  I know.  Shut up.



mk said...

Louis is a cutie pie!

So sorry you have been sick. I'd share my chicken soup with you. I've been nursing a fairly nasty cold.

Feel better!

Jenny DB said...

everyone and their mom has been sick!! me too, it blows. Those sunglasses are amazing, so fabulous. my fav was my dior sunglasses also. who cares if its rainy and gloomy here for the next 6 months, i have my damn sunglasses! :)

MCW said...

Glad you had a good Christmas and are getting better for your New Years celebration!

TudorCity Girl said...

hahaha. but honesty is good! I just love that pic of louis and Ten's nephew..that is just the cutest pic ever!!