Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cupcakes vs. Krispy Kremes

Last night Louis officially killed my TV remote.  He had nibbled on it previously.  He had also knocked it off the back of the couch, which broke it in two.  I had taped it back together with duct tape (I know..tacky, tacky), and it was still working.

Last night Louis ate the end of the remote off, and ripped little pieces of duct tape off of the remote so that he could get inside and eat that too.  Now when I say eat, Louis never actually swallows anything.  He bites it off and spits it on the carpet.  Except for the duct tape.  He must have spit that in his fur, because when I woke up my pup was covered in tiny pieces of shiny grey tape :( 

The remote no longer works.  The "on/off" button is completely gone.  I found it under the coffee table.  Grrr...

Last night I packed for the beach.  I am so ready to go back!!  It's funny, but it is starting to feel like my home away from home.  We have friends there, since we've been so much, and we always meet up with them on the beach.  Phoenix is coming back in for the holiday weekend as well.  He has promised to buy me more warm Krispy Kreme doughnuts :)  Well, what he actually said was "don't worry Tubs, we'll get you some more warm Krispy Kremes".  He wrote that on Facebook!  Not sure if this "tubs" nick name is going to stick, but I'm not so sure I like it :-/ 

I also went to Barnes & Noble to pick up some mindless reading for the beach.  I have been reading all of your blogs and have a running list of "books I want to read".  I decided that for this trip I needed books that were easy reads.  Books that didn't require much attention on my part, since Daisy, Phoenix, TWENTY, etc. will be on the beach gossiping while I'm trying to read.  Obviously I will need to be able to jump in and out of the conversation...and I can't be reading something that requires too much concentration!

So, I have chosen the following three books.  (Do not judge me.  I usually read fancy pants biographies of Colin Powell and such.  Well, I do own that book.  It sits on my nightstand.  Along with Reagan's "A Life in Letters".  So there.)

"Before Manhattan and Manolos, who was Carrie Bradshaw? In her first novel for teens, Bushnell fills in her Sex and the City star's growing-up years with this chronicle of Carrie's senior year of high school in a small New England town."

***Side Note - when I was in Barnes & Noble I couldn't find this book.  I found all of Candace Bushnell's other books, but not this one.  I went up to the counter to ask for help.  Turns out there is a reason I couldn't find it.  I wasn't in the TEEN SECTION.  I feel a little weird reading a book from the teen section, but whatever.  The super cute guy working who helped me assured me it was no big deal.  He continued to assure me of this for 45 minutes.  I almost gave him my number :-o

"sTORI Telling is Tori's chance to finally tell her side of the tabloid-worthy life she's led, and she talks about it all: her decadent childhood birthday parties, her nose job, her fairy-tale wedding to the wrong man, her so-called feud with her mother."

"As the adopted daughter of Lionel Richie, Nicole Richie has led a life of privilege among Hollywood's elite. But despite its glamorous trappings, Nicole's life has been anything but charmed. At twenty-three, she has survived a virtual combat zone of youth; facing adoption, divorce, drug addiction, a very public arrest and subsequent time in rehab."

I felt a little bit better about myself, as the other two books of choice are definitely NOT from the teen section.  However, I then had to question myself again because I'm going to see Eclipse tonight with BFF.  And I will be wearing my "Team Edward" t-shirt (with sparkles and all!).  Yep.  I'm a cheese ball.  Here's a someone who cares :)

Sorry, that was a bit snarky...but do let me tell you that I'm in the best mood today.  So excited about the weekend, of course, and let me just share my horoscope with you!!!  Hmmm.....

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)
You’ve thrown the ball over to the other court and now all you can do is wait. While chances are you won’t get what you want on a silver platter ASAP, you have at least opened up a dialogue and now you can work the strategies. No, it’s not the most romantic journey, but sometimes it’s the destination that’ll make up for it all.

Tell me that's not something to get excited about ;)  I don't have to do anything, but it's all going to work out.   Not sure I believe that 100%, but for now...I'll take it!

I also happen to get off from work early tomorrow (thank you fabulous CEO of mine!!!).  Daisy and I will be packing up the benz and heading to the beach at 1:00PM tomorrow.  Wahoo!  (if anyone reading this lives in Smalltown, VA and plans to rob my house while I'm away...think again!!!  we have a new neighborhood watch program and those people are fierce.  just saying.  proceed at your own risk.)  So, I won't be blogging until we get back, but I will definitely be reading yours. 

Although this year's July 4th festivities will be so very different than last year's, I know I will still have a lovely time.  I always do.  Last year someone bought me red/white/blue cupcakes.  Because I blogged about them.  And how much I loved them.  And how I wanted them at my wedding.  And that meant the world to me:)  Truly it did.  But this year I will be enjoying a warm Krispy Kreme doughnut.  Fresh from the oven.   And I own stock in Krispy Kreme.  Literally.  I do.  So that's probably better for me in the end anyway.  Isn't it funny how things work out?

Happy Independence Day My Friends!!!!



Sparklers & Love,


mrs.mfc said...

Nicely written, T. Enjoy your beach trip!! I'm jealous!

AND enjoy those delicous warm krispy kremes.... if you know what I mean ;) ;) ;)

Kim Reese said...

What fun, well except for the dog eaten remote! Hey, I know how to make your day even better, go check out my blog! I'm just saying...


MCW said...

That is my horoscope too. I like it, I like it...and I am throwing the ball from my court as soon as I finish typing this. It will probably stay in the other court, but F it.

Jess said...

Have a nice long weekend!!

And, I was totally at the opening night of Eclipse last night. It was the best of the three in my I hope you enjoy :)

Meg said...

I made 4th of July cupcakes last night! They were ohhh so good! Krispy Kreme doughnut sound fab too tho. It is amazing how everything works out! Have a fab holiday weekend and don't forget your sun screen with your teenager book...just joking! lol

the Hard Way said...

T, how Sweet! I just noticed that you have me listed on your blog roll!
This morning, my boss kindly referred to me as "snarky" to another person. Funny, I took it as a compliment! haha
Can't wait to hear your book reviews :p Have a fab time @ the beach!

Anonymous said...

Wow... that remote!! Yikes! Krispy Kreme donuts are my guilty pleasure too :)

VA Gal said...

Oh my goodness, the remote looks awful! Also, I hope the pup is okay. :-)

Have fun at the beach and happy Independence Day!

PS Personally, I'll be going to Eclipse with my treasured, "And Buffy staked Edward. The End." t-shirt. I've read all the books, but I just can't help it! ;)

Anonymous said...

And now I feel like quite the philistine. I failed with the KK. Mi dispiace! La volta prossima, forse dovremmo ritornare in Italia per un gelato.